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Fantasy warriors, races and titans!
version 1.0.0
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Plugin Description §


Titans, Warriors, player sheets, titan sheets, bosses and loot.

I recommend having a mob api with this but if you don't want to use the titans and bosses then it is fine without.

Some feature may be missing as of yet but there are still loads right now.


This plugin is Similar to d&d with characters, titans and more.

Make charecter sheets, races, titans and more.

D&d is a imagination based game where you build your own story, charecters, bosses, titans and gain imaginative prizes.

You also level up your charecters to gain new abilities which help you fight or run away.

Unfortunately for your players, you are also able to limit hearts, damage, size and other stuff to keep them from being super overpowered or you can make them overpowered.

To be added

[] Levelling up option - High priority [] More abilities [] More admin control - Medium priority [] More adventure bosses, tasks and loot [] Effects

More may be added

Make a Titan

  1. Create a race
  2. Create a titan sheet
  3. Get a titan egg with the titanegg command
  4. Spawn the titan
  5. Run the mythicaltitans command and a titan shall show if it is nearby.


By OofDevs

using v1.0.0
19 Aug 19
Ok so I did see the tutorial by searching it up in YouTube and im sure that some people wont do that and be confused so maybe put it in the Plugin Info
using v1.0.0
16 Aug 19
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