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A PocketMine plugin that lets you transfer between your server network with a UI!
version 1.0.1
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With this plugin you can allow your players to transfer between your server network with simplicity. NaviCompass is a plugin that uses FormAPI to easily display your servers listed in a simple UI. Its simple, all you need to do is enter the server IPs and Ports along with a label to show up in the UI, all inside the config file. After that, the plugin will do the rest and you're good to go! Players will either have option to interact with the selector item (can be changed in the config.yml), or type /servers in chat to get the server UI. Pictures can also be added via the config by simply using a link or a path to display an image with your server!

Usage & Examples

There are two ways to use the plugin:

  • /servers → Opens the server UI
  • Use the server selector item set in the config.yml to view the UI

Here is a great example of how the plugin will look:



Selector & Server UI

Selector-Support: true
Selector-Item: 345
Selector-Name: "§l§aServer Selector"
UI-Title: "§9Server List"
UI-Message: "§aChoose a server to transfer to!"

Server Listing

This is where you list your servers to be displayed on the server UI. You can use '§' and '&' on the labels to colorize your servers inside the UI!

Format → Server Name:Server IP:Server Port:Picture Type:URL/Path

  - "&l&6Lobby §"
  - "§l&2Prison §"
  - "&l&5Creative §"

using v1.0.1
14 Feb 19
16 Feb 19
using v1.0.1
12 Feb 19
Can you please add that you can add commands instead of servers?
13 Feb 19
Thanks for your suggestion. I don't see the reason for the bad rating though, 3 stars is kind of harsh if you're simply requesting an enhancement. Thanks for your input anyways, I'll see what I can do in future updates.

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