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A plugin that allows transferring between worlds and server networks with ease!
version 1.0.2
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Plugin Description §



With this plugin you can allow your players to transfer between your server network with simplicity. NaviCompass is a plugin that uses FormAPI to easily display your servers listed in a simple UI. Its simple, all you need to do is enter the server IPs and Ports along with a label to show up in the UI, all inside the config file. After that, the plugin will do the rest and you're good to go! Players will either have option to interact with the selector item (can be changed in the config.yml), or type /servers in chat to get the server UI. Pictures can also be added via the config by simply using a link or a path to display an image with your server!

Usage & Examples

There are two ways to use the plugin:

  • /servers → Opens the server UI
  • Use the selector item set in the config.yml to view the UI

Here is a great example of how the plugin will look:



Selector & UI Customization

Selector-Support: true
Selector-Item: 345
Selector-Name: "§l§aServer Selector"
UI-Title: "§9Server List"
UI-Message: "§aChoose a server to transfer to!"

Entry Listing

This is where you list your servers/worlds to be displayed on the server UI. You can use '§' and '&' on the labels to colorize your entries inside the UI!

You can add servers using this format → ServerTitle:ServerIP:ServerPort:ImageType:Path/URL You can add worlds using this format → WorldTitle:WorldAlias:ImageType:Path/URL

  - "&l&6Lobby §" # ← External server example
  - "&l&" # ← Internal world example
What's new §
  • Update
    • Version bump
  • Update v1.0.2
    • Added world transfer support, as requested by a user.

using v1.0.3
20 Jan 20
nice but pls tell me how can i use the internal world . i love it
25 Jan 20
There are instructions in the plugin's config file near the bottom. Just follow the simple syntax: int:WorldTitle:WorldAlias:ImageType:Path/URL You can also contact me on Discord at Xenophilicy#0001 for more help with the plugin.
using v1.0.3
01 Jan 20
hey what is the permission
20 Jan 20
The permission node is no longer needed and his has been fixed in v1.0.4!
using v1.0.3
19 Dec 19
Hi, I have a problem and I use pureperm and I don't know what the transferserver permission is, if you know, it would help me a lot. (otherwise it works excellent)
20 Jan 20
The permission node is no longer needed and his has been fixed in v1.0.4!
using v1.0.3
03 Sep 19
Perfect, but can you add Player count, to see how many player are on a server?
20 Jan 20
Sounds like a great feature to be added in newer versions, expect to see it in the future! Thanks for the 5 stars!
using v1.0.3
07 Jun 19
great, worked for the first time. BUT its not anymore working for me even after updating to a build. any plans?
20 Jan 20
Your problems should be fixed in v1.0.4, if not, please send me a message on Discord at Xenophilicy#0001
using v1.0.2
18 Apr 19
Good plugin, please add an option to where you can choose what slot the item will be in.
28 Apr 19
Thanks so much for the stars and the review! I have added your request in version 1.0.3 and once it's approved, it's yours to enjoy!
using v1.0.2
07 Apr 19
"Added world transfer support, as requested by a user." Thanks so mutch :)
08 Apr 19
No problem, hope all goes well with using the plugin, thanks so much for the review and rating!
using v1.0.1
13 May 19
Fantastic plugin however the path function does not work, I have tried every way possible, sadly the url method takes too long to show the image, is there anyway to fix this?
using v1.0.1
24 Feb 19
So happy someone created a plugin like this was hoping someone would create a plugin like this few suggestions maybe add an ability to temporarily close servers so no one can join with a reason for closing it temporarily but other then that great plugin 😍😍
25 Feb 19
Thanks so much for the review and your suggestion. I suppose this could be added in the future although PocketMine does support custom white-list messages with other plugins. I'm not sure if that would be possible to do across server I'm afraid. I'll look into it and see what I can do!
using v1.0.1
14 Feb 19
16 Feb 19
using v1.0.1
12 Feb 19
Can you please add that you can add commands instead of servers?
13 Feb 19
Thanks for your suggestion. I don't see the reason for the bad rating though, 3 stars is kind of harsh if you're simply requesting an enhancement. Thanks for your input anyways, I'll see what I can do in future updates.

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