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Add newspapers to your server!
version 1.0.1
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Plugin Description §


Have you ever wanted to have newspapers in your server? Or are you looking for the best way to announce server messages? Then this plugin is for you! This plugin allows players to make their own newspapers. It can also be used as a bookstore plugin since it works pretty similar. It also supports an economy (currently only EconomyAPI), which means players can earn money by selling their works!


We have an API, so plugin developers can use it to manage newspapers.


Newspaper has multi-language support.
Currently, Newspaper supports the following languages:

  • English
  • Korean (한국어)
  • Japanese (日本語)

If you want to add your languages, you can submit a pull request.
When you translate, remember the following rules:

  • NEVER add words and punctuation marks that don't even exist on the original. By adding these, we mean something like this:
    Original: An error has occurred
    Bad translation: An error has occurred. Please report this problem to the issue tracker.
    There's no need to translate exceedingly liberally like that; that's not what the translators should do.
  • NEVER translate if you DON'T know how to translate, especially with machine translators.
  • Translate liberally if the translation is better with it, but don't abuse it too much. If there's something that should be translated liberally, please ask me before doing it.
  • Translate with your language's grammar rules followed and consistency.


  • You CAN'T just rename newspapers from info.yml; it'll result in them not working properly. It is also not recommended to rename newspapers. Therefore, if you really have to rename any of newspapers (although the chance is pretty rare), you should also rename their folder name and data from player files.
  • This also applies to deletion of newspapers. Deleting any of newspapers without modifying player files will cause an error. Remember, you should never suppress other people's freedom :)
What's new §

The version is bumped to 1.0.1 and it fixes scores of bugs. People should immediately update to 1.0.1 since it fixes a lot of issues.

[E] means it was added along with the addition of exceptions.
[F] means it was added along with the fix of an issue (yeah, I know this sounds weird...).

  • Fix error on publish form when there are no newspapers in player member list
  • Fix some strings with semicolon not showing properly
  • Fix publish form not showing available newspapers
  • Fix players not being able to create newspapers [F]
  • Fix players not being able to buy or subscribe to newspapers [E]
  • Use getLowerCaseName, I wonder why I still didn't change some of these...
  • Make some variable names more easy to understand
  • Edit Japanese translations (thanks to Xxawareness)

This is the first release of Newspaper. I hope this will be useful for you!

using v1.0.1
24 Jan 19
Can you be my dev please I beg you we can be friends

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Supported API versions
EconomyAPI 5.7.2
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Producers §
  • Translators:
    • @Xxawareness
License §
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