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A PocketMine-MP plugin to cancel the player's sprint
version 1.3.0
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Plugin Description §


A PocketMine-MP plugin to cancel the player's spint.


  • Sprint Restriction: Control player sprinting behavior in specific worlds.
  • None Mode: Disable sprint restrictions, allowing unrestricted sprinting in all worlds.
  • Blacklist Mode: Prevent players from sprinting in worlds listed in the blacklist.
  • Whitelist Mode: Allow players to sprint only in worlds listed in the whitelist.
  • Customizable Message: Display a custom message to players when they attempt to sprint in restricted worlds.
  • Permission Bypass: Players with the nosprint.bypass permission can sprint freely in all worlds.
  • World Validation: Ignore non-existent or ungenerated worlds listed in the configuration.
  • Configuration Management: Automatically generate a new configuration if an outdated one is provided.
  • Event Handling: Intercept player sprinting attempts and apply the appropriate restrictions based on the mode and configuration.


  • nosprint.bypass: Allows users to bypass sprint.

Default Config

# Do not change this (Only for internal use)!
config-version: 1.3

# Message used when canceling a player's sprint.
# You can use color codes by using "ยง" or "&" before the color code.
message: "&cYou can't sprint in this world."

# World Restriction Settings
  # The mode can be either "blacklist," "whitelist," or "none".
  # - "blacklist" mode will cancel player's sprint in the specified worlds (blacklisted) and allow sprinting in other worlds.
  # - "whitelist" mode will allow player's sprint only in the specified worlds (whitelisted) and cancel sprinting in other worlds.
  # - "none" mode will not apply any restriction, and sprinting will be allowed in all worlds.
  mode: "blacklist"

  # List of world folder names to be blacklisted or whitelisted (depending on the mode set above).
  # If "mode" is set to "blacklist" or "whitelist," add the world folder names accordingly.
  # If "mode" is set to "none," leave the "list" empty ([]) to allow sprinting in all worlds.
    - "world"  # Example: "world" world folder is blacklisted, and players can't sprint here.
    - "world_nether"  # Example: "world_nether" world folder is blacklisted, and players can't sprint here.

# You can add more worlds to the list as needed.
# Note: Make sure to use the correct world folder names as specified in your PocketMine-MP server configuration.
# To disable world-specific sprint restriction and allow sprinting in all worlds, set "mode" to "none" and leave the "list" empty ([]) or remove the "list" entirely.

Upcoming Features

  • Currently none planned. You can contribute or suggest for new features.

Additional Notes

  • If you find bugs or want to give suggestions, please visit here.
  • We accept all contributions! If you want to contribute, please make a pull request in here.
  • Icons made from
What's new §
  • Added support PM5
  • Added world mode 'none'
  • Added world validation
  • Improve error handling and configuration management
  • Added whitelist/blacklist world
  • PM4 support

using v1.0.0
30 Sep 21
Good to make nearly anything p2w
01 Oct 21
Thanks for the review
using v1.0.0
28 Sep 21
01 Oct 21
Thanks for the review
using v1.0.0
26 Sep 21
26 Sep 21
Thanks for the review

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