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Allow specified players to bypass Xbox Live authentication!
version 1.1.2
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Plugin Description §

This plugin allows specified players to bypass Xbox Live authentication. It can be used on servers that want to allow both premium and cracked players to join, or by developers if they want to test things.

How to use

Use xboxlist command to manage the list.

Commands & Permissions

Command/Option/(Notice/Permission) Description Permission
All commands are only accessible by operators unless you manually add their permission to the player.
notmexboxliveauth (Main permission)
xboxlist (main) Manages the list of players allowed to bypass Xbox Live authentication notmexboxliveauth.command.xboxlist
 ⌞add Adds a player to the xboxlist notmexboxliveauth.command.xboxlist.add
 ⌞remove Removes a player from the xboxlist notmexboxliveauth.command.xboxlist.remove
 ⌞list Lists players on the xboxlist notmexboxliveauth.command.xboxlist.list
 ⌞invert Sets or gets invert mode notmexboxliveauth.command.xboxlist.invert
 ⌞prefix Adds, removes, or lists guest prefixes notmexboxliveauth.command.xboxlist.prefix
 ⌞reload Reloads the xboxlist notmexboxliveauth.command.xboxlist.reload


As this plugin allows specified players to bypass Xbox Live authentication, anyone can log in with the username on the list. Therefore, you need to install an additional authentication plugin on your server to prevent anyone accessing the account.

What's new §

This version comes with some small changes and no feature addition.

  • Use LOWEST for PlayerKickEvent
  • Make startsWithPrefix use strtolower
  • Use PlayerLoginEvent instead of PlayerJoinEvent
  • Small change to the description of the permission notmexboxliveauth

This version comes with some small changes and no feature addition.

  • Use new and existing methods
  • Add reload to the usage of the prefix option
  • Version 1.1.0
    • Implemented guest prefix. With this, you can allow players with a specific prefix in their name to join the server. Note anyone will be able to access these accounts regardless if they are the actual owner of the account or not, so it is highly recommended to add an additional authentication plugin to your server.
    • Fixed authentication required message not being shown properly when the player was kicked by invert feature.
    • You can no longer get invert state by just using /xboxlist invert; from now you need to use /xboxlist invert state for it. This change was made because people had to specify an invalid parameter to see the usage of the invert option.

Fixed error when a player joins

This is the first release of NotMeXboxLiveAuth. I hope this will be useful for you!

using v1.1.2
27 Mar 19
using v1.1.2
19 Jan 19
using v1.1.2
15 Jan 19
Great plugin ^^

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