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PocketMine plugin to spawn ores in a cobblestone generator!
version 1.1.4
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1737 Downloads / 2648 Total
4 Reviews
Plugin Description §



With this plugin you are able to setup ores to spawn in a classic cobblestone generator! Each time a block spawns in a cobblstone generator, it has a chance to change into a certain ore. These chances can be changed in the plugin's config.yml file under "Probability". You can also use a blacklist or whitelist for specific worlds you'd like OreGen to function in!

You can find a video example on YouTube →

  • Version: 1.1.4
  • Basic Description: Generate ores inside a cobble generator!
  • Easy to edit config.yml file
  • Simple code for editing and debugging

Thanks to Livingven0m for making the Plugin Icon!



If you want a "hands-on" example to see it for yourself, come join the XenoServers SkyBlock server!



  • 19132(Lobby)
  • 19133(Prison)
  • 19134(Creative)
  • 19135(PvP)
  • 19136(SkyBlock)
What's new §
  • Update v1.1.4
    • Added blacklist/whitelist functionality and did some code cleanup.
  • Update v1.1.3
  • Added probability for all ores!
  • New config.yml
  • Error handling update
  • Update v1.0.3
  • Fixed config.yml
  • Added probability validation

using v1.1.4
25 Apr 19
Minin' away I don't know what to mine I'll mine this anyway In this Minecraft day So beautiful, mine further down
28 May 19
Sounds like a song to me haha, thanks for the 5 stars!
using v1.1.3
23 Mar 19
Very useful Plugin but make it so you can control in which worlds OreGen is useable and maybe add it so it only works for ppl with a permission like “oregen.command” or smth.
24 Mar 19
Hello! Thanks so much for the stars and the positive review. Great suggestions for the plugin as well, hope to implement them soon! Thanks
using v1.1.3
23 Mar 19
I love it!!! I hope you guys add like sounds when you mined diamonds or emeralds :D
24 Mar 19
Hi there! Thanks for your positive review and ideas! I will definitely consider implementing sound effects for mining certain blocks as you so choose. Thanks again!
using v1.0.1
30 Jan 19
Hey guys, don't freak out if this isnt working for you. The dev is working on getting the proper release published. He accidentally uploaded an old version. (I'm his friend, I can assure you that this does work!)
08 Feb 19
Update is complete; Version 1.0.3 update is working! Thanks for the patience!

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Manage blocks/items
Edit world

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