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This plugin is a copy of MCPC Fly! now ported to PE!!
version 3.0.0
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Plugin Description §

Enable a player to fly in survival mode! A player’s fly will be disabled if they start starving , void damage or someone hits them! In the config you can edit the messages for when someone enables or disables the fly. You’re not allowed to toggle the fly command while in creative mode, there’s a message you can configure for it.

If you want to disable a player’s fly while they’re switching between levels then enable it in the config, there’s also a message if you do enable the option.

Permission: fly.command or OP

What's new §
  • 3.0.0v
    • Removed useless config check in onEnable() method.
    • Every ' has been changed to ".
    • Permissions now work in onCommand() method.
    • You can't toggle fly in creative mode no more.
    • Added support to disblae or enable fly while switching level's, also added messages for it to.
    • Rewrote the fly command description message.
    • Fly doesn't get disabled now if you're starving or taking damage by the void.
  • Permissions
    • You can now toggle the fly command with the permission fly.command or having OP.
  • Read descrption
    • If this plugin get's rejected one more time for the PCFly version 3.0.0 i'm going to quit
  • Update Main.php
  • Update
  • API Bump
  • Description
  • Fixed bug #6
  • Fixes
      • Fixed formatting
      • Changed to $event because $ev triggers me
      • Removed support for ALPHA6 since there was a BC break in ALPHA7
      • Added return types
      • Fixed a few php docs
      • Fixed a typo
  • Made it understandable
  • Merge pull request #4 from iiFlamiinBlaze/master
    • Fixes
  • Merge pull request #8 from InspectorGadget/permission
    • Made it understandable
  • OPs don't need permission anymore!
  • Removed strict types (smh blaze)
  • Update plugin.yml
  • Alpha 11
  • Fixed error.
  • Update Main.php
  • Update config.yml
  • Update plugin.yml
  • Updated config & added an event
    • Flying is now disabled when the player is changing level's & disabling the fly via command, also a little adjust to config value names.

using v3.0.0
09 Sep 20
disable fly in worlds
using v3.0.0
08 Jan 19
Can you toggle off, the fly disable on PvP?
using v2.1.1
23 Sep 18
Best dev
23 Sep 18
Thanks <3

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License §

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