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Make a player collide with players
version 1.2
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Plugin Description §

PECollide is a plugin that brings a collision functionality to mcpe/mcbe!! If you have github,you can play with knockback numbers on PECollide.php Watch this video to see a proof of the working plugin and to see if you like it. Click to watch

How to use:

"/pecollide" will turn on/off it's functionality depending on if you changed value from config.yml file and times you executed it.

What's new §
  • New PECollide thumbnail image
  • Add config and command system to turn on/off plugin
  • Add permission for pecollide command
  • Better collission system by benda95280
    • Higher collision when player has speed.
  • Better handle knockback
    • Better handle knockback -> If i'm going back, do nothing.
  • Fix again
  • Fix maybe?
  • Fix poggit issue maybe
  • Removed Echo and useless comment
  • Update PECollide.php

using v1.1
18 May 20
This is a good plugin to add a bit more parity from Java edition. It would be cool if you could toggle this without having to remove the plugin for everyone else.
using v1.1
01 Apr 20
using v1.0
17 Aug 19
Nice very good work.

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License §

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