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Keep Mobs from Spawning in Specific Areas
version 0.1.2
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Plugin Description §


This is a companion plugin for PureEntitiesX that gives you the ability to keep mobs from spawning in areas you select.

What's New

  • Updated to be Compatible with API Version 3.0.0-ALPHA11


Protected areas can currently be added by commands in game or by modifying the centers.yml file. To add a protected area in game use the pexprotection command (this can be shortened to pexp). This will required you to name the area to be protected and give a radius for how much area should be protected from the center of the protection area. An example command to add an area called "ForPoggit" with a radius of 100 blocks from center would look like this: /pexp add ForPoggit 100 When you execute the command, you will be prompted to tap a block to designate the center of the protection area. After tapping the center block, you will receive a confirmation message letting you know that the protection area has been assigned.

Successfully added a protection center block with radius of 100.

To modify the centers.yml file directly, you will need to know:

  • A Name for the Protection Area
  • The X,Y,Z Coordinate of the Center Block
  • The folder of the World where the Protection Area Should Be
  • The Radius from the Center Block to Protect
  • Whether You Want to Block All Mobs or Just Hostile Mobs

An Example:

  xPos: 273
  yPos: 72
  zPos: 366
  level: world
  radius: 20
  all-mobs: true
  xPos: 276
  yPos: 69
  zPos: 355
  level: world
  radius: 200
  all-mobs: false

## Help
If you need help, check our GitHub pages or hit us up on Gitter and Discord!
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What's new §
  • API Bump to 3.0.0-ALPHA11 (Version updated for poggit. No Code Changes)
  • Allow poggit to build all branches

using v0.1.2
18 Mar 20
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