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A parties plugin for PocketMine-MP servers
version 1.2.2
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Plugin Description §


🎉 A parties plugin for PocketMine-MP servers

Feel free to join the official discord: Discord

Available features

  • Usage of forms to manage the parties
  • Customizable party options:
    • Set the maximum party slots
    • Disable the PVP (Player Versus Player) within the members of the party.
    • Teleport the party members to the party leader when the leader gets teleported to a different world.
    • Teleport the party members to the party leader when the leader gets transferred to another server.
    • Make all the party members execute the same command as the party leader.

In-game pictures

Party Menu Your Party Party Member Party Options Invite a player Party Chat


  • /party — Opens the party form
  • /party (message) — Sends a message to the party chat
What's new §
  • Fix invitations not being shown
  • Set the invitation length words in white color
  • The party item is now configurable per-world
  • The config.yml options are now shown per-party (you can still enable or disable them on the config)
  • Parties now uses EasyUI's virion instead of FormAPI to manage the forms
  • The whole forms section was re-coded and it is now more stable
  • A few messages were updated

You will have to delete your current config.yml file and start the server again to get the newest updated config.

  • Fixed a bug where the player would crash when submitting the party invite form with empty fields
  • Fixed a bug where the party invite form dropdown was always inviting the first player.
  • A party item has been added to the plugin configuration!
    • You can select the item id and the item custom name for the party item.
    • The party item will be set to the player's inventory.
    • You can fix the party item so players can't move it from their inventory.
  • PartyItem: Always return false
  • Add a discord shield and party code examples on the README
  • PartyFactory: Check if the party exists or not when adding or removing a party
  • SessionListener: Fix party being removed in a loop
  • Add poggit markdown on the README
  • ConfigurationListener: Check if the member is not a leader to avoid event loops
  • YourPartyForm: Fix party being removed in a loop

using v1.1.1
12 Aug 20
Can you make it per world item because if i die or after the game the party item was gone. But the rest is ok.
21 Aug 20
Thank you for the suggestion! This feature will be implemented in the next update.
using v1.1.1
30 Jul 20
using v1.1.0
26 Jul 20
using v1.1.0
26 Jul 20
it works cool
using v1.1.0
26 Jul 20
best party plugin ever
using v1.0.3
25 Jul 20
Looks awesome! Good job. Wait I take that back. GREAT JOB! Lol and I love it thanks so much
using v1.0.3
20 Jul 20
Se ve fresco mi pana
using v1.0.0
18 Jul 20
Nice work!
using v1.0.0
18 Jul 20
using v1.0.0
18 Jul 20
very nice plugin! :D
using v1.0.0
18 Jul 20
Perfect for a network lobby!
using v1.0.0
17 Jul 20

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Producers §
  • Contributors:
    • @andresbytes
    • @jasonwynn10
License §

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