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Per-world player data (inventories, effects, hp, hunger etc) for PocketMine-MP
version 0.0.3
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Plugin Description §


Per-world player data (inventories, effects, hp, hunger etc) for PocketMine-MP

This plugin allows servers to separate out player data among worlds (or a group of worlds). It's based on PerWorldInventory and has a few things in similar.


It is mostly recommended to use released versions of the plugin, which can be found in the released version on Poggit. (once there is one) If you do decide you want the latest version of the plugin, it is recommended you fetch a pre-compiled phar file from Poggit-CI, which can be found below.


  1. You can stop players from switching inventories per world by giving them the permission: per-world-player.bypass.
  2. You can group worlds so the same player data is shared among two (or more) worlds by configuring Bundled-Worlds in config.yml. This can be useful for creative mode servers.
  3. You can configure which player data you want to add multi-world support to by modifying Save-Data in config.yml.
What's new §
  • Fix undefined offset bug in WorldManager when server tries teleporting players out of an unloaded world.
  • Fix undefined index bug when teleporting players before PlayerJoinEvent is triggered.

using v0.1.0
07 May 20
This plugin is really good but the skyblock plugin creates a world for each island and i can't bundle them all so it'd be great if you could blacklist a world so all the other worlds become bundled. I'd give 5 stars if this was possible.
using v0.1.0
22 Apr 20
It looks good, but not working on my server.
using v0.1.0
20 Apr 20
using v0.0.3
10 Apr 20
Please solve this issue and I'll rate 5 star ;)
20 Apr 20
Hey, it's been fixed in v0.1.0. Been waiting for the 5 star for a few hours now. ;)
using v0.0.3
01 Apr 20
when I die in one world and try to tp back to it It keeps killing me
20 Apr 20
Hi, this has been fixed in v0.1.0
using v0.0.3
03 Feb 20
My mistake :p, good plugin but can sometimes prevent me from joining my server completely. Also please add support for hotbar or the ability to blacklist worlds from perworldinventory because atm it blocks all hotbars. This plugin has a lot of potential!
using v0.0.1
13 Jul 20
Incredibly useful plugin! However upon reloading the server everyone's inventory gets jumbled up
using v0.0.1
31 Jan 20
Very good plugin!
using v0.0.1
31 Jan 20
I love this Plugin <3

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Producers §
  • Collaborators:
    • @Muqsit
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World Editing and Management
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