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A PerkSystem for PocketMine-MP!
version 3.0.2
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Plugin Description §

Perks System v3.0.2

This is a Perk System for PocketMine-MP. Perks is a plugin with which you can get benefits. You can get this through permission, money or friends. All functions can be changed in the settings.


Command Description Aliases Permission
/perks Open the Perks UI /perk, /perkui Perks.command


  • [X] PM4 Support
  • [X] Message and Command edit in config
  • [X] Ui support
  • [X] Price for a Perk
  • [X] Enable/Disable perks
  • [X] Switch Perks Strength
  • [X] Giving perks to friends
  • [X] Language support
  • [X] Perk enable time, certain time until deactivate
  • [X] Perks categories
  • [X] Per world support

Perks list

Perks [17] Description Permission
Auto smelting This means that mined ores are melted directly
Double XP This will give you double XP Perks.double-xp
Double Jump This gives you a double jump Perks.double-jump
Fast Regeneration This will heal you quickly
Fly This will give you fly
Haste So you can break down faster Perks.haste
Invisibility This gives you invisibility Perks.invisibility
Jump Boost With it you can jump higher Perks.jump-boost
Keep Inventory This will save your inventory when you die Perks.keep-inventory
Keep XP This will save your XP when you die Perks.keep-xp
Night vision This gives you night vision Perks.night-vision
No FallDamage You will not receive any fall damage with this
No FireDamage You will not receive any fire damage with this
No Hunger This will not make you hungry
Strength This gives you strength Perks.strength
Speed This will give you run faster Perks.speed
Water breathing This gives you water breathing Perks.water-breathing

Bugs or Idea?

If you have a bug or an idea, please feel free to report this to: Issues

using v3.0.2
07 Jan 22
Great plugin, it has perks, thats awesome! no other perks plugin is as easy to configure and so easy to use as yours!
using v3.0.2
07 Jan 22
Best Perks plugin 😍👏🔥
using v3.0.2
06 Jan 22

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Supported API versions
EconomyAPI 5.7.3-PM4
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Producers §
  • Collaborators:
    • @FlxiBoy1313
  • Contributors:
    • @supercrafter333
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