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MultiThreaded Notifications system using MySQL with a simple API to create / edit / delete notifications.
version 3.3.0
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Plugin Description §

This is a notification system working with MySQL and is multi-threaded. The plugin will fetch notifications from the MySQL server, look if they have been displayed and display the notifications to the users. The plugin contains a simple API if you want to create third-party addons. This is a part of the now shut down Pigraid Network System.

See for more information about the API and how the plugin works.

What's new §
  • Better container structure + database
      • Now the createDatabaseStructure() method will create the $database if it doesn't exists. So the user don't have to do any SQL interactions.
      • Restructuration of the $container.
  • Format fixes
      • Removed useless uses.
      • Removed useless function uses.
      • Added missing functions in the list.
      • Renamed DBInfo to dbInfo.
      • Lower cased API functions.
      • Added a description for the API methods.
      • Renamed $toDelete to $list in deleteNotifications method.
      • Moved the creation, population and thread start to a private iniThreadField function in NotifLoader.
      • Renaamed NotifCommands to Commands.
      • Renamed NotifLoader to PigNotify.
      • Ran code optimizations from PHPStorm to see what it does.
      • Upgraded from 3.0.0 to 3.1.0
  • Now using player XUID instead of player username
      • Using Uuid (UniqueId) instead of username in the database
      • Updated the (more information on how to create notification langKeys).
      • Fixed some weird issues.
      • Updated to PM4.
  • Forgot to do that
      • Fixed code format.
      • Added function strlen to use list in NotificationThread.
  • PHPStan fixes + other little fixes
      • Removed PHPDocs in Libs.
      • Added check before binding parameters in SQLThread class.
      • Check if iddList is empty before doing other process in NotificationThread.
      • Now if the player has no notificaation, getPlayerNotifications($player) will return an empty array.
  • PigNotify V3.0.0
      • Rewrote the way the threads are called and ran.
      • Renamed DisplayTask to DispatchNotifications.
      • Renamed CheckNotifications to NotificationThread.
      • Renamed MySQLThread to SQLThread.
      • Fixed inconsistances in the code format.
      • renamed sharedStore Volatile to 'container'.
      • Fixed some PHPDocs.
      • Fixed typo in config.yml
      • Removed delete-on-disconnect feature.
      • Updated version 2.0.0 --> 3.0.0.
      • Moved plugin configs into 'container[1]'
      • Moved Notification objects into the 'container[2]'
      • Added 'container[0]['players']' array to store the list of player usernames in the server.
      • Added 'container[3]' to stop the NotificationThread onDisable()
      • Added 'container[1]['MySQL']' to store MySQL connection info.
      • Removed the repeatingTask that was creating the notification objects and storing them in the old notificationList array and instead moved the process over ProcessThread in the NotificationThread class.
      • Changed the way NotificationThread is repeating by making it repeat itself in it's own class.
      • Added onDisable() event to stop the NotificationThread.
      • Updated getPlayerNotifications($player) to match the new sharedStore name (container).
      • Renamed $notificationList to $toDelete in deleteNotifications($toDelete).
      • Added OnJoin() event to add the player to the container[0]['players'].
      • Edited OnLeave() event to work with the container instead of the array.
      • Notification class now extends Volatile.
      • Now MainForm from the UI class will sort the notification list of the player.
      • Now SQLThread constructor requires you to supply an array with 'data' and 'types' (example data => 'CupidonSauce173', 1, 2, types => 'sii').
      • Updated all methods that calls SQLThread.
  • Update SimpleForm.php
Supported API versions
Requirements & Enhancements
MySQL server Requirement
Producers §
  • Collaborators:
    • @CupidonSauce173
License §
API plugins
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Custom threading

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