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You saw that server had custom enchants? Now yours does too!
version 1.4.1
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Plugin Description §


PiggyCustomEnchants is an open-sourced custom enchants plugin for PMMP.


To use this plugin, do /ce enchant [level] [player]


You can set the color for each enchant rarity.


  common: yellow
  uncommon: blue
  rare: gold
  mythical: light_purple

You can also enable/disable fire forms/UIs. This requires FormsAPI.


  enabled: true

You can also enable/disable fire for blaze.


  flames: true

You can configure the rare drop from the Chicken enchant.


  rare-drop: ["id:meta:amount"]

You can also disable jetpacks in certain worlds.


  disabled: []

You can also enable/disable fire for lightning.


  flames: true

Custom Enchants

A list of custom enchants can be found here, with a description of what each one does.


Report issues here.

Plugins that use PiggyCE


AdvancedKits is a simple yet useful PocketMine-MP kit plugin. Check it out here.

API Documentation

Are you a developer? Check out our API Documentation here.


  • We are using the libFormAPI, so there is no need to install the FormAPI plugin.
    • In other words, you must use the pre-compiled phar from Poggit-CI instead of GitHub.
    • If you wish to run it via source, check out DEVirion.

Server Software

We do not support any spoons. Anything to do with spoons (Issues or PRs) will be ignored.

What's new §
  • Cleanup
  • Fix #171
  • Fix #180
  • Fixed #173 (PR by @r7vmc)
    • Fixed Argument 2 passed to pocketmine\entity\Entity::createEntity() must be an instance of pocketmine\level\Level, null given
  • Fixed PiggyLightning
  • Fixed a bug fix
  • Fixed autorepair not affecting armor
  • Fixed errors with Cactus and Forcefield + Added PHPDocs for fields
  • Fixed forms
  • Fixed #173
    • closing the entity doesn't return the level nor playing Hit Ground Sound
    • but Flagging for despawn does it
  • Fixed soulbound on armor
  • Update Tank enchantment description by @Haxley
  • PiggyObsidian: remove extra parameter in onBreak()
  • Poggit: Comply with Rule C1a, B3, and C2a
  • Update Player::dataPacket() to Player::sendDataPacket()
  • Update PluginManager->callEvent() to Event->call()
  • Update to libFormAPI, bump to v1.4.0
  • Bump PMMP API to 3.2.0


  • Fixed effect split changes to Endershift not applying.
  • Fixed error with Explosive
  • Fixes to tasks for scheduler changes
  • Fixed #159 (ArgumentCountError: "Too few arguments to function pocketmine\item\enchantment\Enchantment::__construct())
  • Fixed #160 (Removal of the isAxe(), isPickaxe(), etc.)
  • Fixed #163 (EventListener does not properly check for enchantment compatibility when enchanting with books)
  • Fixed #164 (Typehints to Enchantment class)
  • Fixed #165 (Changes to EntityDamageEvent)
  • Fixed #166 (Errors with HallucinationTask)


  • Bumped API to 3.0.0


  • Added API to unregister enchants and add enchant incompatibilities
  • Added Description parameter to API
  • New enchants!
    • Auto Aim: Aim at nearest target
    • Poisonous Cloud: Create a cloud of poisonous gas around you
    • Shielded: Gives resistance per level per piece of armor


  • Armor enchants now effect weapon enchants
  • CE command no longer ignore arguments when Forms are enabled
    /ce enchant
    • Before: Brings you to the CE Menu form
    • After: Brings you directly to the Enchant form
  • Changes to Forcefield
  • Improve checking of enchant incompatibilities
  • Improvements to Radar
  • Improvements to Revive
    • Revive now stacks
    • There are now side effects (Slowness & Nausea)
    • A particle beam will launch into the sky when Revive is activated to signal nearby enemies!
    • A tip will now indicate that you were revived
  • Improvements to Spider
  • Items from Porkified now despawn within 15 seconds to prevent lag
  • Main::addEnchantment() now matches Item::addEnchantment()
  • Now using PMMP's Enchantment Registering function
  • Volley Arrows will now despawn on collision.
  • Update to 3.0.0-ALPHA11
  • Soulbound now stacks
  • Wither Skulls & Fireballs will despawn when colliding with a wall


  • Fix capitalization.
  • Fixed Radar detecting dead players
  • Fixed Wither Skull & Fireballs drifting endlessly.
  • Fixed error with other plugins registering enchanted books (#96)
  • Fixed error with enchanted books (#108)
  • Fixed Hallucination not working with the latest NBT changes
  • Resolved Compatibility Issues with PureEntitiesX
  • Stop adding effect if player already has it (#98)


  • Support for new PMMP enchant API


  • New Enchants!
    • Backstab: When hitting from behind, you deal more damage.
    • Disarmor: 10l% chance to disarmor enemy
    • Focused:Nausea will affect you less
    • Vacuum: Suck up items in a 3l radius
  • New Subcommand
    • /ce info: Get description of an enchant


  • Radar now only shows the distance when held
  • API Changes
    • CustomEnchants::getEnchantByName() has been changed to CustomEnchants::getEnchantmentByName()


  • Fix duplication w/ Driller
  • Fix error with Hallucination when used on mobs
  • Fixed Explosive acting like a normal explosion


  • Added an option to disable jetpacks in certain worlds


  • Force now affects Volley, Porkified, Blaze.
  • Now fully using TextFormat constants
  • Updated entity classes. Fireballs now despawn


  • Fixes issue #28 (ErrorException: "Division by zero")
  • Fixes issue #59 (Armor duplicating after death)
  • Fixed rarity colors not working

using v1.4.1
25 Nov 18
AWESOME LOVE IT!!:heart::heart:
using v1.1.1
01 Jun 18
Please make for 1.4 that would be great!
using v1.1.1
14 Apr 18
Its says “Unable to perform this command” please help but i love this so much please make it work.
using v1.1.1
20 Mar 18
Please help Plugin don’t Working to me is keeping Disbling also I not know what I do please Help me Replay me how to fix it my proplem
using v1.1.1
06 Mar 18
One of the most unique plugins out there! Works very well with KitUI and the enchantments are a blast to mess around with!
using v1.1.1
28 Feb 18
using v1.1.1
13 Feb 18
Very Nice! Just Add That On PiggyCEShop You Could Buy Custom Enchanted Books!
using v1.1.0
01 Jan 18
Very useful, although the advancedkits plugin does not work. But, this plugin is great
08 Jan 18
Thanks! For your AdvancedKit issue, you can create an issue on the AdvancedKit repo.
using v1.1.0
01 Jan 18
08 Jan 18

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Producers §
  • Collaborators:
    • @Aericio
  • Contributors:
    • @95CivicSi
    • @Awzaw
    • @Muqsit
    • @jasonwynn10
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