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A versatile custom enchantment plugin
version 2.0.1
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Plugin Description §


PiggyCustomEnchants is an open-sourced custom enchants plugin for PMMP created by DaPigGuy (MCPEPIG).


  • /ce about
  • /ce enchant <enchant> [level] [player]
  • /ce help
  • /ce info <enchant>
  • /ce list


  • piggycustomenchants.command.ce.about - information about the plugin
  • piggycustomenchants.command.ce.enchant - custom enchantment command
  • - list of commands
  • - information of a specific custom enchantment
  • piggycustomenchants.command.ce.list - list of custom enchants
  • piggycustomenchants.overridecheck - override max enchant level + item check.


If you run into an issue while using our plugin, make an issue here. Please be sure to follow our issue template.


  • We do not support any spoons. Anything to do with spoons (Issues or PRs) will be ignored.
  • We're currently using the following virions:
  • You can find a list of the current custom enchants on the PiggyDocs page.
  • Are you a developer? Check out our API Documentation at PiggyDocs.
  • Check out our Discord Server for additional plugin support.

Plugins using PiggyCE

If you use PiggyCustomEnchants and want your plugin to be shown in the list below, join our discord server and ask to be added. (Must be poggit-approved plugins).


PiggyCustomEnchantsShop is an add-on the the PiggyCustomEnchants plugin, adding shops (either forms or sign)


AdvancedKits is a simple yet useful PocketMine-MP kit plugin.


Advance AdvancedKits! Select Kits from a form, just do /kit and get kits info and select it if available! For Minecraft Bedrock Edition!

What's new §
  • Bombardment Enchantment
  • Deep Wounds Enchantment
  • Homing Enchantment
  • Grow & Shrink enchantment
  • Jetpack now allows disabling mid air w/ Parachute
  • Parachute no longer activates while Jetpack is active
  • Added dust particles back to Poisonous Cloud enchantment
  • Changed forcefield particles
  • Cactus no longer attacks non-living entities
  • Added missing ignoreCancelled & priority annotations
  • Fixed errors w/ Auto Aim & Volley
  • v2.0.0 rewrite!
  • Enabling/disabling enchantments in certain worlds/globally is now built into the plugin. (#94)
  • Added a remote enchant disabler for emergency situations (disable affects all servers).
  • Custom enchantments that are disabled will not have their tasks enabled.
  • Execution chances of enchantments are now configurable.
  • Custom enchantments are now registered into PocketMine-MP.
  • Now using Commando virion for command handling.
  • The form version of /ce has been improved upon.
  • Explosive enchants now have a toggle for world damage.
  • Added checks for applying books. (#209)
  • Parachute now uses negative Levitation effect to simulate slow falling.
  • Fixed a few CE descriptions
  • Fixed issue where throwing a projectile and switching to a different weapon would trigger the custom enchants of that weapon. (#157)
  • Fixed "WitherSkull Enchant does not apply Wither Effect." (#182)
  • Fixed pigs/wither skulls remaining. (#189)
  • "Maximum -5 is less than the minimum 0" issue has been fixed. (#211)
  • Bump to v1.4.6, Entity->Actor changes for 1.12
  • v1.4.5, add lore/name remove on removeEnchant
  • Closes #198, given choice to use name / lore, or both.
  • Closes #194, use Item::setLore instead of Item::setCustomName
    • Enchantments prior to this change will continue to work, but all new enchantments added will be added to lore instead of name.
  • Bump to v1.4.3
  • Cleanup
  • Fix #171
  • Fix #180
  • Fixed #173 (PR by @r7vmc)
    • Fixed Argument 2 passed to pocketmine\entity\Entity::createEntity() must be an instance of pocketmine\level\Level, null given
  • Fixed PiggyLightning
  • Fixed a bug fix
  • Fixed autorepair not affecting armor
  • Fixed errors with Cactus and Forcefield + Added PHPDocs for fields
  • Fixed forms
  • Fixed #173
    • closing the entity doesn't return the level nor playing Hit Ground Sound
    • but Flagging for despawn does it
  • Fixed soulbound on armor
  • Update Tank enchantment description by @Haxley
  • PiggyObsidian: remove extra parameter in onBreak()
  • Poggit: Comply with Rule C1a, B3, and C2a
  • Update Player::dataPacket() to Player::sendDataPacket()
  • Update PluginManager->callEvent() to Event->call()
  • Update to libFormAPI, bump to v1.4.0
  • Bump PMMP API to 3.2.0


  • Fixed effect split changes to Endershift not applying.
  • Fixed error with Explosive
  • Fixes to tasks for scheduler changes
  • Fixed #159 (ArgumentCountError: "Too few arguments to function pocketmine\item\enchantment\Enchantment::__construct())
  • Fixed #160 (Removal of the isAxe(), isPickaxe(), etc.)
  • Fixed #163 (EventListener does not properly check for enchantment compatibility when enchanting with books)
  • Fixed #164 (Typehints to Enchantment class)
  • Fixed #165 (Changes to EntityDamageEvent)
  • Fixed #166 (Errors with HallucinationTask)


  • Bumped API to 3.0.0


  • Added API to unregister enchants and add enchant incompatibilities
  • Added Description parameter to API
  • New enchants!
    • Auto Aim: Aim at nearest target
    • Poisonous Cloud: Create a cloud of poisonous gas around you
    • Shielded: Gives resistance per level per piece of armor


  • Armor enchants now effect weapon enchants
  • CE command no longer ignore arguments when Forms are enabled
    /ce enchant
    • Before: Brings you to the CE Menu form
    • After: Brings you directly to the Enchant form
  • Changes to Forcefield
  • Improve checking of enchant incompatibilities
  • Improvements to Radar
  • Improvements to Revive
    • Revive now stacks
    • There are now side effects (Slowness & Nausea)
    • A particle beam will launch into the sky when Revive is activated to signal nearby enemies!
    • A tip will now indicate that you were revived
  • Improvements to Spider
  • Items from Porkified now despawn within 15 seconds to prevent lag
  • Main::addEnchantment() now matches Item::addEnchantment()
  • Now using PMMP's Enchantment Registering function
  • Volley Arrows will now despawn on collision.
  • Update to 3.0.0-ALPHA11
  • Soulbound now stacks
  • Wither Skulls & Fireballs will despawn when colliding with a wall


  • Fix capitalization.
  • Fixed Radar detecting dead players
  • Fixed Wither Skull & Fireballs drifting endlessly.
  • Fixed error with other plugins registering enchanted books (#96)
  • Fixed error with enchanted books (#108)
  • Fixed Hallucination not working with the latest NBT changes
  • Resolved Compatibility Issues with PureEntitiesX
  • Stop adding effect if player already has it (#98)


  • Support for new PMMP enchant API


  • New Enchants!
    • Backstab: When hitting from behind, you deal more damage.
    • Disarmor: 10l% chance to disarmor enemy
    • Focused:Nausea will affect you less
    • Vacuum: Suck up items in a 3l radius
  • New Subcommand
    • /ce info: Get description of an enchant


  • Radar now only shows the distance when held
  • API Changes
    • CustomEnchants::getEnchantByName() has been changed to CustomEnchants::getEnchantmentByName()


  • Fix duplication w/ Driller
  • Fix error with Hallucination when used on mobs
  • Fixed Explosive acting like a normal explosion


  • Added an option to disable jetpacks in certain worlds


  • Force now affects Volley, Porkified, Blaze.
  • Now fully using TextFormat constants
  • Updated entity classes. Fireballs now despawn


  • Fixes issue #28 (ErrorException: "Division by zero")
  • Fixes issue #59 (Armor duplicating after death)
  • Fixed rarity colors not working

using v2.3.0
07 Apr 21
hello, if you could update this to the new protocol that would be great thanks
using v2.3.0
07 Apr 21
by far my favorite pocketmine plugin , although it needs an update , especially with the latest versions of pocketmine mp.
using v2.3.0
11 Dec 20
Great plugin:)add chances?like has a 10% success and 20% fail
using v2.3.0
28 Jul 20
It was working fine now it says (disabled) in my friend"s console?
using v2.3.0
26 Jul 20
using v2.2.0
26 Jun 20
this plugin dont work in pocketmine 1.14.0, please patch this. But Good Plugin :D
using v2.2.0
22 Jun 20
How do I do the nbts or see the list
using v2.1.7
19 May 20
Could you please make a enchant to break bedrock. or i can do it myself.
using v2.1.7
23 Apr 20
using v2.1.6
18 Apr 20
using v2.1.4
15 Apr 20
using v2.1.3
05 Apr 20
amazing plugin but the 2.1.3 is giving me and error rn just downloaded it
using v2.1.3
05 Apr 20
oink :)
using v2.1.3
04 Apr 20
using v2.1.2
05 Apr 20
im getting an overall error
using v2.1.0
23 Feb 20
Ayyy 2.1.0
using v2.0.4
09 Feb 20
A feature where with a command or an item obtainable whcih u can use to increase the lvl of an enchantment, max lvl can be configurable amount, add a system in which u can add an configurable amount of enchantments [Not vanilla enchants] in an item
using v2.0.4
08 Feb 20
using v2.0.4
21 Jan 20
top 11/10
using v2.0.4
07 Jan 20
great, but being able to remove an item's ce would be an awesome feature
using v2.0.3
28 Dec 19
Very good, though adding
using v2.0.3
25 Dec 19
exelent plugin 💪😀👍
using v2.0.2
05 Dec 19
using v2.0.1
24 Mar 20
Very good
using v2.0.1
18 Nov 19
You can add / ce remove [name ce] to remove false charms on items ?
using v1.4.6
02 Sep 19
love it :D
using v1.4.6
23 Jul 19
using v1.4.5
28 Jun 19
What are the max levels of each custom enchatments?
using v1.4.5
06 Jun 19
Could you add Books /ce book (enchant) (level) (player), and you can place the book on ground and throw item on top for the enchant to happen!
using v1.4.5
27 Apr 19
Great plugin but can you add system like there i a chance of ce merging into the tool?
using v1.4.3
28 Feb 19
Nice plugins but can you add a function for cexp? And sorry for my english i am a french
using v1.4.2
22 Feb 19
Great Plugin!
using v1.4.2
13 Jan 19
1.Can i made my Own enchants? 2.Can i recharge the Jetpack? Nice Plugin!
using v1.4.1
25 Nov 18
AWESOME LOVE IT!!:heart::heart:
using v1.1.1
01 Jun 18
Please make for 1.4 that would be great!
using v1.1.1
06 Mar 18
One of the most unique plugins out there! Works very well with KitUI and the enchantments are a blast to mess around with!
using v1.1.1
28 Feb 18
using v1.1.1
13 Feb 18
Very Nice! Just Add That On PiggyCEShop You Could Buy Custom Enchanted Books!
using v1.1.0
01 Jan 18
Very useful, although the advancedkits plugin does not work. But, this plugin is great
08 Jan 18
Thanks! For your AdvancedKit issue, you can create an issue on the AdvancedKit repo.
using v1.1.0
01 Jan 18
08 Jan 18

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