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Send an ad saying that you sell obsidian :)
version 2.0
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Plugin Description §

PlayerAnnouncement (2.0)

This plugin allows players to post their ads by paying a certain amount of money (Modifiable in config) to display either Title, Tip, message, or popup (Modifiable in config). This plugin is fully modifiable via configurations. many new features are coming, to see future updates view the README.MD

Install & Usage

  • Download the plugin
  • Install plugin on your server
  • Restart your server
  • Modify the configurations in your own way
  • Use /pbreload to reload configuration


This plugin allows a lot of features. We give you an overview otherwise there is a Wiki on the GitHub page of the plugin that you can see if you need help open a issue. Soon a Site for "UnknowPlugins"

Features :

  • [X] Anti-spam system (Countdown)

  • [X] Reloading configuration files without using /reload

    • For reload configurations use: /pbreload
  • [X] Permission detection system with PurePerms to have multiple prices

    • Add you permission on config.yml after default price and set permission with PurePerms (In group or user)
      • /setuperm for user or /setgperm for group


  • Able to subsequently modify the order description
    • Exemple : Error... :/

What's news ? (2.0)

  • Permission detector for multiple prices.
  • Adding a system for disable / enable view announcements (for user)
  • More prefix for commands (config.yml)
  • More messages configurationss (messages.yml)

What's news ? (1.9)
  • Added a Wiki ! Go to Wiki
  • For developers, the code has been stored in command files to better find each other
What's new §
  • Adding Features for 2.0

-> added a command /pview for disable or enable hide announcements (FOR USER)
-> Add permission detector, for multiple prices
-> added a command /pareload to reload configurations

  • Look README.MD

using v2.0
23 Jul 19
It does not work on me it says internal server error.
using v1.9
07 Jul 19
Amazing plugin!
07 Jul 19
Thanks if you are idea for upgrade this plugin open a issue :)
using v1.9
07 Jul 19
Nice idea
07 Jul 19
Thanks :)

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Supported API versions
EconomyAPI 5.7.2
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Producers §
  • Collaborators:
    • @Bluzzi
    • @Virvolta
License §

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