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BanSystem Plugin for Pocketmine-MP
version 1.1.0
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Plugin Description §


Banned Player

PlayerBan is a plugin that allows to ban players from joining the server.


  • ban players and ip addresses
  • define punishments
    • ban reason
    • ban duration
  • MySQL and SQLite support
  • different translations
  • log of all modifications
  • several configurations
  • listing of all active bans
  • see all bans of a single player


Command Description Permission
/ban <player¦ip> <punId> Ban a player/ip from the server Op, playerban.command.ban
/unban <player¦ip> Unban a player/ip from the server Op, playerban.command.unban
/banlist Shows a list of all banned players/ip's Op, playerban.command.banlist
/banlogs Shows a modification protocol Op, playerban.command.banlogs
/punishments Create or edit punishments Op, playerban.command.punishments
/punlist Shows a list of all punishments Op, playerban.command.punlist
/banhistory <player¦ip> Shows a list of all bans of a player/ip Op, playerban.command.banhistory

Future Plans

  • Discord Webhooks
  • More translations
  • Ban/Unban events


📌 Ban someone

The command /punlist shows you a list of all punishments.
» /punlist

Here you can see the id, the description and the duration of the punishments:

Let's say you want to ban the player max123.
For this you need the id of the desired punishment. You can read the id from the list of /punlist.

/ban <player|ip> <punId>

» /ban max123 1

Now the player max123 was banned for punishment 1. (Hacking, 30days)

📌 Create a new punishment

With the form of /punishments you can create new punishments.
» /punishments

Now click on the New Punishment button.
New Punishment

With this form you can now create a new punishment:
Punishment Form

  • The Unique identifier field must be an integer between 0 and 999
  • The field Description should be short and meaningful, this is the ban reason
  • The following applies to the Duration field: d=days, h=hours, m=minutes
    • Individual sections are separated by a comma. Example: 30d,12h,20m
What's new §
  • Source code quality improved
  • Better form management
  • New command /banhistory
    • Shows a list of all bans of a player
  • Customizable kick message
  • Customizable date format
  • Added icon

using v1.0.0
24 May 21
hmmm insteregsting
using v1.0.0
24 May 21
omg what a GOOD plugin that helps me a lot because i was using pm /ban !!!11 1 thx so much1!11

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