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BanSystem Plugin for Pocketmine-MP
version 1.2.1
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4 Reviews
Plugin Description §


Banned Player

PlayerBan is a plugin that allows to ban players from joining the server.


  • ban players and ip addresses
  • define punishments
    • ban reason
    • ban duration
  • forms
  • MySQL and SQLite support
  • different translations
  • log of all modifications
  • several configurations
  • listing of all active bans
  • see all bans of a single player


Command Description Permission
/ban <player¦ip> <punId> Ban a player/ip from the server Op, playerban.command.ban
/unban <player¦ip> Unban a player/ip from the server Op, playerban.command.unban
/banlist Shows a list of all banned players/ip's Op, playerban.command.banlist
/banlogs Shows a modification protocol Op, playerban.command.banlogs
/punishments Create or edit punishments Op, playerban.command.punishments
/punlist Shows a list of all punishments Op, playerban.command.punlist
/banhistory <player¦ip> Shows a list of all bans of a player/ip Op, playerban.command.banhistory

Future Plans

  • Discord Webhooks
  • More translations



For developers

What's new §
  • Punishment->isValidId() has been renamed to Punishment->hasValidId()
  • The PlayerBanTargetUnbanEvent->getTarget() and PlayerBanTargetUnbanEvent->setTarget() methods have been removed
  • PlayerBanTargetUnbanEvent->getBan() and PlayerBanTargetUnbanEvent->setBan() methods were added
  • some message improvements
  • Better handling of the kick message
  • Some source code improvements
  • Added some API methods
  • Added PlayerBanTargetBanEvent & PlayerBanTargetUnbanEvent
  • Added ban forms (/ban)
  • Permissions are now registered
  • Updated some messages
  • The /banhistory command no longer opens a form if the target was never banned
  • Added confirmation forms
  • OPs are now able to delete logs
  • Auto-completion of player names
  • Removed some unnecessary methods

Note: If you use MySQL as a DataManager, you need to delete the configuration file and edit it again.

  • Source code quality improved
  • Better form management
  • New command /banhistory
    • Shows a list of all bans of a player
  • Customizable kick message
  • Customizable date format
  • Added icon

using v1.2.1
18 Jul 21
Add mutes and warnings
using v1.2.1
18 Jul 21
bean system
using v1.0.0
24 May 21
hmmm insteregsting
using v1.0.0
24 May 21
omg what a GOOD plugin that helps me a lot because i was using pm /ban !!!11 1 thx so much1!11

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