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A simple coordinates plugin
version 1.2.5
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Plugin Description §


Ever wanted to know your coordinates whenever you use /coords. Sick of using scoreboards to tell you your coords every 5 seconds. Look no more for you have found, a plugin that is a keeper. This plugin comes with the feature to do /coords whenever you want, /fcoords which gets your magical position at your feet, and to broadcast it aswell with /bccoords .

Any bug reports please open an issue on github or write a review below


PlayerCoords.use PlayerCoords.bccoords PlayerCoords.fcoords

How to install

Download the phar file for this plugin and place it in you plugins folder. From then on its as easy as pie.

Setup for Ranks

If you want a user to have the permission to use this plugin you must simply use a permissions manager plugin and put in their userperm or group perms this permission: PlayerCoords.use. To use the /fcoords command you need the PlayerCoords.fcoords Permission set to your User/Group Rank, to be able to broadcast your coordinates you must have the permission: PlayerCoords.bccoords applied to your userperm or group perm


You now have the ability to choose whether you want your text to be colored or not colored. Just to to config.yml in plugin_data and configure to your likings.

Next Update?

Next Update will Be 1.3. Which will simply contain an API Bump and Fixes for when Pocketmine 6.0.0 Releases!

What's new §
  • 1.2.5
  • Implement /fcoords Command And Fix PreExisting Bugs/Code Cleanup

you can now Broadcast your coordinates with /bccoords

using v1.2.0
10 Apr 24
tHis is The GOAT!!
using v1.2.0
21 Dec 23
20 Jan 24
Hello BluesteryS, I'm sorry that this Plugin is not to your standards, you can Always Contact me Through discord (skyss0fly) if you wish to discuss what isn't at satisfaction to you!

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Producers §
  • Collaborators:
    • @skyss0fly
    • @skyss0fly-pm-pl
License §
Vanilla Mechanics

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