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A web console that uses WebSockets
version 0.0.15
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Plugin Description §

PocketDockConsole - Because RCON was so retro


  • Allows server admins to have a quick and easy way to administer their servers without the need for RCON
  • Gives admins the ability to manage their server from a familiar interface that they can access with ANY web browser (at least ones that have WebSockets)
  • Remove the need for other administration tools (you can see everything)
  • Give admins a way to have trusted users administer the server as if they were sitting at the console

PocketDockConsole is a plugin for PocketMine-MP with the following initiatives

  • [x] Allow people to manage their servers quickly and easily
  • [x] Show the power of both PocketMine (and PHP)
  • [ ] Get people to make more awesome plugins
  • [x] Have some fun

How to use this plugin

  1. Download the Phar file from either GitHub releases or the PocketMine Forums
  2. Drop it into your plugins/ folder
  3. Restart the server
  4. Edit the password and port in the config (password is important, the port can be left the same)
  5. Have fun!

Technologies used in this project

  1. WebSockets
  2. Term.js - By: Christopher Jeffrey [] (now xtermjs)
  3. Some guidance from PHP-Push-WebSocket []
  4. Wrench - By: @nicokaiser, @lemmingzshadow, and @mazhack []

using v0.0.15
20 Oct 19
Awesome job
using v0.0.15
15 Jul 19
good plugin and to all who dont understand, use this layout http://<serverip>:<port>/ or for more help go to
using v0.0.15
15 Jul 19
i must connect to server whit which link ?
using v0.0.15
15 Jul 19
using v0.0.15
14 Jul 19
Very good plugin

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Producers §
  • Collaborators:
    • @Humerus
  • Contributors:
    • @brandon15811
    • @shoghicp
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