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A lightweight .NBS song player for PocketMine Servers
version 4.2.1
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Plugin Description §


A lightweight .NBS song player for PocketMine Servers


  • Put your .nbs files into the generated "songs" folder and reload / restart the server
  • The songs will automatically start to play when a player joins the server


Use /radio to open an UI with settings

You can change the volume, skip to the next track, select a track or stop the music

Planned changes

  • Change the radio interface to allow searching, skipping, looping songs
  • Add looping, toggle shuffle mode, playlists, per-user songs
  • World settings
  • I planned to create a proper, separate website, where you can submit your own .nbs files, search for songs and download and vote them

Where do i get .nbs files?

You can find a collection of .nbs songs here:

You can create your own files using OpenNoteBlockStudio or the older NoteBlockStudio.

Songs will only play properly when they are at least Datapack compatible, see OpenNoteBlockStudio features

Layer stereo and Java 1.14/MCPE 1.13 note blocks are also supported!


Make sure to check a few things before creating an issue

  • Your installation of PocketMine (pmmp) works properly, and is an official version. No support on custom builds or forks.
  • You have the latest version of PocketRadio. Issues based on outdated releases will be closed as invalid
  • You run a release version from poggit or the releases tab. Self-compiled versions are not supported.
What's new §
  • Fixed issues with the volume setting
  • Updated to new MCPE protocol (1.14+)
  • Added support for OpenNoteBlockStudio version 4
  • 1.13 update (PocketMine 3.10.1)
    libnbs and PocketRadio were updated to support MCPE 1.13 - Enjoy the new sounds!

using v4.2.1
16 Apr 22
Plss update to pm 4
using v4.2.1
27 Aug 20
Pls update
using v4.2.1
19 Aug 20
It is a very good plugin, I use it on my server, I would like that there was the option for each player to listen to the music or not because in some devices causes lag.
using v4.2.1
23 Jun 20
Pls Add Multiworld Support
using v4.2.1
19 Apr 20
Please Update the networkprotocol Version -> 388,389
using v4.2.1
04 Apr 20
nice plugin btw i see that the ticks between the editor and the game is different if i set the tick on nbs its normal but in server its fast
using v4.2.1
28 Mar 20
using v4.2.1
21 Mar 20
Hi. I've downloaded .nbs songs that you linked in descriptions and put those things in songs folder. But in console, it display there is no songs to play. I don't know why
using v4.2.0
27 Oct 21
It work in older version but in new version it crash server
using v4.2.0
22 Feb 21
Config file or others Was not created! Plugin don't Work
using v4.2.0
18 Dec 19
It looked good, but doesn't working on 1.14
25 Feb 20
Hi, thanks for testing, issues with 1.14 have been fixed now. I will release an update soon

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Producers §
  • Collaborators:
    • @thebigsmileXD
  • Contributors:
    • @DeathCamel57
    • @brokiem
    • @jaylac2000
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