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Make voting great again (with a fully automated voting solution)!
version 2.1.5
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Plugin Description §


PocketVote is a fully featured suite to get you started with automating voting on your MCPE server with clients for PocketMine (including forks) and NukkitX!

The process is simple, you sign up at our website and register a server, in return you get a secret and a identifier that you will need to register with your plugin. To do so simply type:

/pocketvote secret [your secret]

/pocketvote identity [your identity]

Click here for PocketMine documentation!

Do you need more info or are you a developer that would like to either support PocketVote or expand on it's functionality? Click here for documentation on PocketVote or how to extend it.

PocketVote is a mature and stable plugin, therefore it does not require a lot of updates. The project is still actively maintained.
Support is provided on Discord, click here for an invitation.

What's new §
  • Update to comply with C2a
  • More API 3.0.0 updates.
  • Set API version to minimum 3.0.0.
  • Update plugin to api 3.0.0
  • Adds extra validation to catch potential errors from the backend API.
  • Add VRC (Poweruser feature. Ask on Gitter if you want to know how it works) support.
  • Update supported APIs to Alpha12
  • Fix vote insertion on master servers.
  • Update version

This release updates PocketVote to work with the latest version of PMMP that requires more strict type hinting and return types.

This release adds the /pocketvote diagnose command which lets you test your configuration for issues.

Version 2.0 of PocketVote introduces a bunch of new features and bugfixes! The summary below is not complete but should give you enough to determine whether you want to update or not.

  • Brand spankin' new API!
    • The new API is faster, more reliable and allows for way more features than v1!
  • Votes now expire periodically in addition to when a player logs on.
    • Previously if a player did not log on, there was no way to expire votes that had not been claimed by logging on.
  • Votes can now be retrieved quicker than before. The scheduler will dynamically change frequency depending on PocketVote server load.
  • NEW command '/vote'
    • Permission node:
    • Typing '/vote' shows a link to a new url shortener where you can add all your known voting sites.
      • This is directly integrated into PocketVote and requires NO setup from your end!
    • Typing '/vote top' shows a list of the top voters the the past month.
      • Please note that you will need to wait for the servers to generate this data, it is not generated on-the-fly.
  • NEW command '/guru'
    • Permission node: pocketvote.admin
    • Shows a help list of all related commands.
  • NEW command '/gulist'
    • Permission node: pocketvote.admin
    • Shows a list of all your current sites added to your voting link.
  • NEW command '/guadd [title] [url]'
    • Permission node: pocketvote.admin
    • Adds the url to your voting link, title is optional.
  • NEW command '/gudel [id]'
    • Permission node: pocketvote.admin
    • Deletes the specified url from your voting link.
      • Use '/gulist' to find the ids of your entries.
  • NEW sub-command '/pocketvote link [name]'
    • Permission node: pocketvote.admin
    • Attempts to set your voting link to the specified name.
      • Your link will look like this:[name]

using v3.0.1
01 Aug 19
Works great, good job!
using v2.1.4
30 Jul 18
using v2.1.2
03 May 18
using v2.0.3
18 Nov 17
Works really good, and supports a multi-server setup flawlessly. Definitely recommend this plugin over the alternative!
using v2.0.2
06 Aug 18
How does it work because is not working currently?

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Supported API versions
Requirements & Enhancements
API token Requirement PocketVote secret and identity from
License §

Custom license

You are free to download and alter the plugin for private use, redistribution is forbidden without permission.

Submitting pull requests are highly encouraged.

You are not allowed to use the plugin commercially, this means you may not put the system behind a paywall but you are allowed to use the plugin when running a server with the intent of making money. This rule regarding resale is directly targeted towards non-partnered server hosts.
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