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Plugin that give carriable crates
version 2.0.0
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Plugin Description §


A PocketMine-MP Crates Plugin that lets players open their crates in place without having them teleport to a warp


Command Description Usage Alias
/portablecrate Main Command /portablecrate /pcrate
SubCommand Description
help View all subcommands
list View all existing crates
info <crateName> View all reward infos, indexes and probabilities of an existing crate
create <crateName> Creates a new crate (You must hold an item that we'll be the crate)
delete <crateName> Deletes an existing crate
add <crateName> <probability> Adds a reward to an existing crate with a drop rate chance from 1 to 100 (You must hold the item you want to add as reward)
remove <crateName> <rewardIndex> Removes a reward by index from an existing crate (Indexes are listed in list subcommand)
give <crateName> all:<player> [amount] Gives 1 or a defined amount of crates to a defined player or to all online players
toggle Toggles GiveOnWorld function
reload Reloads config files

How to Set up a Crate

Create a crate

First we'll need an Item that is going to be our crate, in my case im going to give myself a chest with custom name and lore using the following command:

/give GrosserZak chest 1 {display:{Name:"§r§6§6lRare §fCrate",Lore:["§r", "§r§fContains §6Rare §fItems"]}}

Rare Crate

Then we hold our future crate item and use the command /pcrate create <crateName> to create our crate.
In my case im going to use /pcrate crate rare.
Now we can get rid of this item and start adding our rewards to our crate.

Adding Rewards

To add rewards to our crate we're going to use the /pcrate add command.\

For example:
Lets add 8 EnderPearls with 75% drop rate chance. We'll need to hold 8 EnderPearls and type the following command: /pcrate add <crateName> 75 in my case /pcrate add rare 75 And there we go!
We've added 8 EnderPearls with 75% drop rate chance

x8 EnderPearls added with 75% drop rate chance to Rare Crate \

We can check its index with the command /pcrate info <crateName> in my case /pcrate info rare
Rare Crate infos

Now I'm going to add x1 Uncommon Crate with 20% drop rate chance.
So as before I'm going to hold the uncommon crate and use the command /pcrate add rare 20 x1 Uncommon Crate added with 20% drop rate chance to Rare Crate

Once we've finished setting up our crate we can give it to ourselves with the command:
/pcrate give <crateName> all:<player> [count] in my case /pcrate give rare GrosserZak
Now we can open our crates

Removing Rewards

To remove rewards from a crate we'll need to see the reward index that we want to remove from the crate. We'll need to use the command /pcrate info <crateName> to see all reward indexes.
(Note: The indexes of the rewards are their listing numbers)
Once we've found the reward index we want to remove we'll need to use the command /pcrate remove <crateName> <rewardIndex>

Delete a crate

Simply just use the command /pcrate delete <crateName>

GiveOnWorld Function

This function ables to give crates on the world where the server administrator runs the /pcrate give command.

Note: This function is not available from console!

For example:
The function is enabled:
[Admin] GrossserZak is in world "FactionLands" with 47 players
[User] GrossTest is in world "Hub"
If GrosserZak runs /pcrate give <crateName> all, himself and the 47 players, that are in the world he's in, will receive the crate and GrossTest will get nothing.
Otherwise if the function was disabled all players would receive the crate


  • [ ] Add amount as optional parameter to add subcommand to allow giving out more stacks of items
  • [ ] Paginate crate rewards GUI

Note: Any suggestion is appreciated


Telegram: @zGross
Discord: Zak_#0998
For issues, open an issue on the GitHub page

What's new §
  • Added How to setup a crate tutorial
  • Update to API 4.0.0
  • Fixed plugin crashes
  • Fixed some issues with the give subcommand
  • Now outdated crates can be updated by stacks
  • Fix crate give command

using v1.0.1
05 Oct 21
06 Nov 21
The updated version will be available as soon as it's approved. Keep an eye out to see when it's available.
using v1.0.0
28 Aug 21
Bad description. The config is not so easy to understand and the description doesn't say anything how to configurate crates.
using v1.0.0
24 Jul 21
Nice plugin! i suggest another of physical crates, since this is the unique one plugin that has an nbt reader i know
26 Jul 21
You mean a normal crates plugin that can be set in-game? If yes I'll see if I have time to make it. Thank you all for those reviews ❤️
using v1.0.0
21 Jul 21
I like the chest doing a backflip :p
using v1.0.0
21 Jul 21
I like the chest doing a backflip :p
using v1.0.0
21 Jul 21
I like the chest doing a backflip :p
using v1.0.0
21 Jul 21
I like the chest doing a backflip :p

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