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Assign commands to items
version 1.0.0
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Plugin Description §


Assign commands to specific items

There are 2 base permissions: powertools.use and powertools.command. You need the first permission to use powertools and the second one to assign/unassign powertools. It's that simple!

Powertools work a little different in this plugin than they do in java edition. You assign commands to SPECIFIC items and not the id. This way you can share powertools to people to other people (that might only have the permission to run powertools).


If, for instance, you want to make this plugin compatible with your plugin (maybe a kit plugin or something) you can do that by making sure you use Powertools with use AndreasHGK\Powertools\Powertools; and then call it by doing this:

$pt = Powertools::getInstance();

* @param item $item
* @param string $command
* @return item $item
$pt->enablePowertool($item, $command);

If the item is an existing item, be sure to also add a $sender->getInventory()->setItemInHand($item)

What's new §
  • improved cooldown
  • added a counter for the amount of commands you execute in a row
  • added messages.yml
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