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Crea prefixes para mostrarlos en el chat del jugador
version 1.2.0
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Plugin Description §

Prefixes Plugin

This plugin is made by FrostCheatMC owner of AquaMC to publish it to the community

This plugin brings its own configurable chat format to display its prefix

This plugin brings support for RankSystem, if you want to show the prefix with RankSystem activate the integration in config.yml

This plugin brings MultiLanguage Support


Don't touch this setting it may break the entire plugin

config-version: 3

Prefix Configuration

prefix-max-characters-name: 10

prefix-max-characters-format: 20

Default Language

Supported languages: en_us, es_es, fr_fr, gr_ge, pr_br, rs_rs

default-language: en_us

RankSystem Integration

If this option is "true" it means that you will use the RankSystem plugin to display the prefix.

If this option is "false" it means that you will use the chat format of this Plugin.

If you change the RankSystem placeholder you must restart the server

Remember that for it to work in the RankSystem configuration it must be between {}, example {prefix}

rank-system-chat: false

rank-system-prefix-placeholder: "prefix"

Plugin Chat Format

chat-format: "%prefix% &7%name%: &f%message%"


  • /prefixes - Shows you a GUI of all the prefixes created
  • /prefix set [string: playerName] [string: prefixName] - Set prefix a player
  • /prefix remove [string: playerName] - Remove the prefix from a player
  • /prefix delete [string: prefixName] - Delete a prefix
  • /prefix reload - Reload all plugin
  • /prefix save - Save all plugin
  • /prefix setlanguage - Sets the default language of plugin
  • /prefix create [string: prefixName] [string: format] [string: permission] - Create a prefix
  • /prefix help - Show this list of commands


  • prefixes.command - default
  • prefixes.command.set - op
  • prefixes.command.remove - op
  • prefixes.command.delete - op
  • prefixes.command.reload - op
  • prefixes.command.create - op
  • - op
  • - op
  • prefixes.command.setlanguage - op


  • MultiLanguage Support (NEW)
  • Update Notifier (NEW)
  • Config Checker (NEW)
  • PrefixArguments All prefix shows in commands (NEW)
  • Shows you the prefixes in GUI
  • Click to place the prefix in the GUI (only if the player has the prefix permission)
  • 100% configurable language settings
  • RankSystem Support ({prefix} placeholder, or configure in config.yml)
  • Chat Format
What's new §
  • Update v1.2.0
    • Fixed bugs with commands, and GUI
    • Added MultiLanguage
    • Added Update Notifier (Poggit)
    • Added ConfigChecker Version
    • Show all prefixes in commands (PrefixArguments)
    • Show all languages supported in command (/prefix setlanguage)
  • Version 1.1.0
    • This is version 1.1.0 of Prefixes
    • In this we add our own chat format to show the prefix
    • We also added the option to integrate RankSystem if you want to show the prefix with that plugin
    • Among other things, more bug fixes, etc.
Supported API versions
RankSystem 1.1.3
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Producers §
  • Collaborators:
    • @FrostCheatMC
License §
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