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A best profanity filter for pocketmine. Controls hate speech and blocks bad words in certain on the chat.
version 0.1.5
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Plugin Description §

A best profanity filter for pocketmine. Controls hate speech and blocks bad words in certain on the chat.

Are you tired of someone always cursing, saying offensive words in the chat? Are the players too toxic? Do you want to punish them?
Well, this plugin might help you. ProfanityFilter can destroy toxic players, punish them to your server!
It's configurable and easy to use. You can manually add words easily at the game.

Wiki/Documentation | Poggit | Github Repository | Create an issue. | Discussions | Create a pull request.


  • Ability to customize words that are currently blocked at in-game or customize it at profanity.yml
  • Ability to automatic punish (kick/ban) directly at the game.
  • Ability to customize the plugin via Interface GUI.
  • Unicode swearing bypassing and more!

How to Install?

  • Download this plugin on poggit.
  • Just put this plugin in under your plugins/ folder, and it should work!
  • You can configure the plugin by accessing plugin_data/ProfanityFilter/config.yml
  • You can manage words by accessing plugin_data/ProfanityFilter/profanities.yml

Report a Issue/Bug

You found a bug or a plugin issue?

  • Contact support in the Discord Server
  • Create an Issue
  • Write your bug & the issue you are having with all informations including the crash or errors so I can track the issue.
  • Submit the issue and be patient for a response for a solution to your problem :D


This plugin was designed and work in pocketmine. If you are using fork/spoon of PocketMine-MP. Your issues will automatically closed.


Contributors and Collaborators

Name Contributors
NhanAZ Maintained this Plugin and helped me alot of things like syntax, languages and code improvement.
KanadeDev Helped me alot of language files, and fixed alot of couple things in first release.
Reinfy He implemented some things and fixing and adjusting features, suggesting some improvements.
kotyaralih Made more translation to the language files.
What's new §

v0.1.5 (Reload Feature) ✨

  • Fixed outdated languages.
  • NEW! Added subcommand reload which reloads all configuration in the cache from the disk. 📌
  • Fixed bugs and improve ui.
  • NEW! Updated seek pics ✍️

v0.1.4 (Bugs Fixes)

  • Fix Forms Crashes
  • Upgrade Forms: jsonSerialize() to jsonSerialize() : mixed PHP 8.1.x compability

v0.1.2 (Custom Punishment Command Update) ✨

  • NEW! Now you can now execute a custom command when player exceeds maxinum violations
  • Configure at config.yml at punishment-type and choose "command".
  • Execute the command as a player or a console.
  • Fixed some languages .yml parse, syntax codes modified in
  • Fixed PoggitUpdateTask and GithubUpdateTask class when json_decode() failes to parse the json request from the server.

Localization Languages ✍️

v0.1.1 (Remove and Add Words at in-game)

  • Now you can remove words at the in-game using ui or command.
  • Use /pf ui to remove or add words the game
  • or using /pf add <word> to add words and
  • using /pf remove <word> to remove words directly from profanity config.

Bugs Fixes 🐛

  • #180 (Report a Unexpected Behaivor.)

Suggesting to update the plugin from 0.0.x

  • Support for PocketMine-MP 5.0.0
Supported API versions
Producers §
  • Collaborators:
    • @xqwtxon
  • Contributors:
    • @ImgBotApp
    • @KanadeDev
    • @NhanAZ
    • @Reinfy
    • @SOF3
    • @kotyaralih
    • @xVoiqMC
    • @xwertxy
License §
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