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Permissions manager by #64FF00
version 1.4.3
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Plugin Description §


PurePerms by 64FF00 is a permissions manager for PocketMine-MP.

It can be used in conjunction with PureChat to display players groups in chat.


Command Description Permission
/addgroup <group> Adds a new group to the groups list. pperms.command.addgroup
/addparent <target_group> <parent_group> Adds a group to another group inheritance list. pperms.command.addparent
/defgroup <group> [world] Allows you to set default group. pperms.command.defgroup
/fperms Allows you to find permissions for a specific plugin. pperms.command.fperms
/groups Shows a list of all groups. pperms.command.groups
/grpinfo <group> [world] Shows info about a group. pperms.command.grpinfo
/listgperms <group> <page> [world] Shows a list of all permissions from a group. pperms.command.listgperms
/listuperms <player> <page> [world] Shows a list of all permissions from a user. pperms.command.listuperms
/ppinfo Shows info about PurePerms. pperms.command.ppinfo
/ppsudo <login / register> Registers or logs into your Noeul account. pperms.command.ppsudo
/ppreload Reloads all PurePerms configurations. pperms.command.ppreload
/rmgroup <group> Removes a group from the groups list. pperms.command.rmgroup
/rmparent <target_group> <parent_group> Removes a group from another group inheritance list. pperms.command.rmparent
/setgperm <group> <permission> [world] Adds a permission to the group. pperms.command.setgperm
/setgroup <player> <group> [world] Sets group for the user. pperms.command.setgroup
/setuperm <player> <permission> [world] Adds a permission to the user. pperms.command.setuperm
/unsetgperm <group> <permission> [world] Removes a permission from the group. pperms.command.unsetgperm
/unsetuperm <player> <permission> [world] Removes a permission from the user. pperms.command.unsetuperm
/usrinfo <player> [world] Shows info about a user. pperms.command.usrinfo


# PurePerms by 64FF00 ([email protected], @64ff00 for Twitter)

# 제 블로그 이외에 허락없이 마음대로 플러그인 배포하실 시에는 바로 한국어 파일 삭제 조치하고 공유 중단합니다

# Set default data provider for PurePerms
# - mysql, yamlv1, yamlv2
data-provider: yamlv1

# Set the default language for PurePerms (<3)
# - en, ko, jp, ru, ua, it, sp, cz, sk, de, idn, tr
# English message resource by @64FF00 and @Samueljh1 (GitHub)
# Korean message resource by @64FF00 (GitHub)
# Japanese message resource by @onebone and @haniokasai (GitHub)
# Russian message resource by @vvzar and @Pub4Game (GitHub)
# Ukrainian message resource by @samalero (GitHub)
# Italian message resource by @AryToNeX (GitHub)
# Spanish message resource by @iksaku and @JoahDave (Github) 
# Czech message resource by @Michael2010117 (GitHub)
# Slovak message resource by @Michael2010117 (GitHub)
# German message resource by @Exxarion (GitHub)
# Indonesian message resource by @DevillordMCPE (GitHub)
# Turkish messages resource by @PainTR (GitHub)
default-language: en

# Disable /op permission for all players
# - true / false
disable-op: true

# Setting this option will allow you to use per-world permissions
# - true / false
enable-multiworld-perms: false

# Enables 'Noeul', a 'pointless' security management system for PurePerms
# - true / false
enable-noeul-sixtyfour: false

# MySQL Settings (Only configure this if you are going to use MySQL data provider)
  host: "PurePerms-FTW.loveyou.all"
  port: 3306
  user: "YourUsernameGoesHere"
  password: "YourPasswordGoesHere"
  db: "YourDBNameGoesHere"
# Sets a minimum length for a Noeul password when registering a new account
# - int  
noeul-minimum-pw-length: 6
# Special thanks to @jazzwhistle for helping me with this cool feature! #JAZZWHISTLE-FTW
# Ranks that can only be set on console
# Also, users with a superadmin-rank can only have their rank changed on console
# - array
superadmin-ranks: ["OP"]
  alias: 'gst'
  isDefault: true
  inheritance: []
  - -essentials.kit
  - -essentials.kit.other
  - pchat.colored.format
  - pchat.colored.nametag
  - pocketmine.command.list
  - pperms.command.ppinfo
  worlds: []


  • Set up permissions for different groups!
  • Multi-group inheritance system to allow you to inherit group permissions
  • Multi-language support, just choose your favorite language in config.yml! (Currently supports Czech, English, German, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Indonesian, Slovak, Spanish, Turkish, and Ukrainian! :D)
  • Supports YAML + MySQL providers
  • Provides simple and flexible PurePerms API for plugin developers
  • And so on... ;)
What's new §
  • removed gigantic ASCII art on startup
  • Fixed C2a issue
  • Untested updates for Scheduler nuke #2213 (9644766df3c69)
  • Updated for PMMP PocketMine 3.0.0
  • Updated path to TranslationContainer
  • API version bump, untested
  • Bumped version
  • Updated for 3.0.0-ALPHA11, version bump
  • API version Bump
  • Bumped version
  • Updated README
  • Version bump for 3.0.0-ALPHA9
  • tested with 3.0.0-ALPHA8
  • Update plugin.yml
  • Updated for API version 3.0.0-ALPHA7. Breaks BC
  • Updated version

Bumped API version

Multiworld fix by jasonwynn10

Tested and bumped API

using v1.4.3
22 Dec 19
how to disable /ppsudo login and register or ui menu register and login?
using v1.4.3
17 Dec 19
i don't can give agroup all permissions with: - '*'
using v1.4.2-c2a
01 Dec 19
Surprise me for what to encode in the Pureperms.php file a line with the function $ this-> getServer () -> getLogger () -> notice
01 Dec 19
Hey, this is just harmless ASCII art. While it's annoying, it doesn't do anything in particular. Update to 1.4.3 to remove it.
using v1.4.2-c2a
30 Nov 19
best rank plugin
using v1.4.2-c2a
06 Oct 19
using v1.4.2-c2a
09 Sep 19
nice plugin :D
using v1.4.2-c2a
04 Aug 19
What can i say. Easy to use. Highly usefuly. There is always room for improvement but i think this plugin transcends expectations keep up the good work
using v1.4.2-c2a
31 Jul 19
What is time expire in /setgroup ? 1= how much ???
using v1.4.2-c2a
29 Jul 19
How do I set permission for building / mining ( SkyBlock ) Would it be something like and essentials.mine? Thanks!
using v1.4.2-c2a
03 Jul 19
You have API? (if yes give me link plz) CheckGroup API
using v1.4.2-c2a
28 Jun 19
What is the time on /setgroup (player) (group) [TIME] (world) is the time on hours or days?
using v1.4.2-c2a
05 Apr 19
using v1.4.2-c2a
15 Mar 19
what exactly does "enable multiworld perms" do
using v1.4.2-c2a
10 Feb 19
using v1.4.2-c2a
18 Jan 19
NICE PLUGIN! But can you say what premission is for prefix and suffix?
using v1.4.2-c2a
22 Dec 18
Plz fix permissions doesnt works when i add it to a rank .-. , plz fix + update the plugin to mcpe 1.8
using v1.4.2-c2a
06 Dec 18
add expire time to plugin ( auto expire ) i mean expire from 1 d
using v1.4.2
29 Aug 18
L9ve the Plugin 👌
using v1.4.2
12 Aug 18
Why after adding a new group and set to a player the assigned group is not shown in the chat or near the player's name?
using v1.4.1-6
02 Dec 18
Update please.
using v1.4.1-4
19 Apr 18
Please Update to ALPHA12 :D
using v1.4.1-4
06 Mar 18
The best permission manager PERIOD. Works like a charm and I recommend it as an essential to all servers.
using v1.4.1-4
01 Mar 18
Great plugin! Works exactly as expected.
using v1.4.1-4
24 Feb 18
using v1.4.1-4
22 Feb 18
using v1.4.1-4
17 Feb 18
Hell! Why when I set permissions to other rank it doesn"t work?
using v1.4.1-3
15 Feb 18
Update to ALPHA11 Please!!!
using v1.4.1-3
18 Jan 18
PurePerms is a classic plugin which was has served many a server unflawed in its entirety.It has become a necessity for servers.
using v1.4.1-2
02 Dec 17
Pretty much a necessity for pmmp servers.

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Supported API versions
PureChat 1.4.10-6
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Producers §
  • Collaborators:
    • @Awzaw
    • @sof3
License §
Admin Tools
Anti-Griefing Tools
Manage permissions
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