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Spawn multicolored beacons in your worlds!
version 1.0.0
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This plugin allows you to spawn in beacons that change colors according to what you throw in the plugin's config! You are able to change the color of the beacon, order of colors, and speed of the colors in the config.yml file! To spawn a new RGBeacon, simple execute the command /beacon new and the plugin will spawn a new beacon under your feet! Beacons can be removed with their corresponding ID that can be found when both creating the beacon and looking at the beacon list in the config file!


Known issues

The beacon beams will not be activated when chunks are unloaded and then reloaded, so an optional repeating task is supplied to update the beacon every X ticks in config:

Beacon-Refresh-Delay: 300


You can find a video example on YouTube →



/beacon new Creates a new beacon under the player

/beacon remove <id> Removes a selected beacon from the world

/beacon pause <id> Pause a beacon's color cycle

/beacon resume <id> Resume a beacon's color cycle if it is currently paused

/beacon hide <id> Temporarily disables a beacon's beam

/beacon show <id> Enables a beacon's beam if it's currently hidden

/beacon set <id> <delay|colors> <setting> Set the color order of a specified beacon

/beacon reload Reload the plugin's config and reset all beacons

/beacon list <world/all> Show beacons in the current world or all registered beacons on the server

The beacon colors that are implemented are:

  • White
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Lime
  • Green
  • Light Blue
  • Cyan
  • Blue
  • Magenta
  • Purple
  • Brown
  • Gray
  • Light Gray
  • Black

using v1.0.0
26 Jul 20
using v1.0.0
06 Jun 20
22 Jun 20
using v1.0.0
15 May 20
Epic plugin, add more colors please though then I like it more
02 Jun 20
Thanks for the great review, I'll be sure to add more colors when MCBE gets them implemented!
using v1.0.0
08 May 20
best colored beacon plugin! i am using in my hub on skyblock. thank you for the plugin
08 May 20
Thanks so much for the 5 stars! Glad to hear my plugin is being put to use!
using v1.0.0
06 May 20
Add blending modes (multiple glass blocks) and glass pane support
07 May 20
Hey, thanks for the review! Sounds like a great idea, I'll think of adding that in the future!

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