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Give Ranks using RankPoints
version 1.5.3
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Plugin Description §


RankPoints keeps track of points that are awarded to players using plugins such as VoteReward which allow you to run commands (or on console). PurePerms ranks are set automatically according to the config when players reach a configured number of points.

This plugin REQUIRES PurePerms.


/rankpoints - displays your own rank points

/rankpoints <player> - displays rank points for a player

Console or Plugin Commands:

/rankpoints <player> <points>

where player is a player's IGN (in quotes if the name contains spaces), and points is an integer. For example, put the following lines at the end of VoteRewards config.yml:

  - "rankpoints {USERNAME} 1"

Running the command rankpoints awzaw 1 on console, will add 1 point to the player awzaw's current rank points total, then check config.yml which must be configured in this format, for example:

  - Guest
  - Member
  - VIP
  - 0
  - 10
  - 50

You MUST have PurePerms installed, and the Ranks in RankPoints config.yml MUST all be existing PurePerms groups.


The first rank MUST be the default PurePerms group, with the points needed set to to zero. Players with higher ranks, or ranks not in the Ranks config will not be deranked.


Q: Why doesn't it work?

A: You MUST have PurePerms installed, the Ranks in RankPoints config.yml MUST all be existing PurePerms groups. Also the first rank MUST be the default PurePerms group, with points set to to zero. If that doesn't help, check you are using a recent version of PurePerms.

Q: Will players who get rank points ever be deranked when earning points?

A: Players with a rank not listed in the RankPoints config.yml file, or above the target rank (ie who already have a higher rank in the RankPoints config) will not be deranked.

Q: What can I use this plugin for?

A: RankPoints is designed to give players ranks automatically according to the number of votes (with VoteReward), but can be used with any plugin that allows you to run the command "rankpoints {USERNAME} {POINTS}" where {USERNAME} is the players IGN, and {POINTS} is an integer.

What's new §
  • Updated for PMMP PocketMine 3.0.0
  • API version bump, untested
  • Bumped version
  • Updated for 3.0.0-ALPHA11, version bump
  • API version Bump
  • Bumped version
  • removed deprecated .poggit folder
  • Version bump for 3.0.0-ALPHA9

compatible latest API, bumped version

Fixed config and, bumped version

using v1.5.3
24 Jan 20
Its cool but i have pureperms up to date and it isnt auto giving the rank, i also have the default group as 0, help pls UPDATE: So it turned out that for the player to unlock the rank, they must be Member rank, im gonna add all my non vote point ranks as 0
using v1.5.3
30 Oct 19
using v1.5.3
18 Aug 18

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Supported API versions
PurePerms 1.4.2
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