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Cycles in-game time as that in real life
version 1.2.1
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Plugin Description §


A PMMP plugin that cycles in-game time according to real-life factors.



enable_time_sync [true,false] If true, vanilla time will run with respect to real-life factors

worlds ["myworld","broken_nether","TheLOLlevel"] The worlds you would like the plugin to do its job on. Separate the world names with a comma. Leave the brackets empty to include all the worlds

location_dependant If true, vanilla day will cycle as a real day somewhere on earth. Enter your location details in location.yml

auto_locate If true, the server will verify the location details every time it starts up using

noon_time The time the sun is at its peak. Used if location_dependant is set to false. Don't remove the double quotes "hh:mm:ss". Example: "12:05"

broadcast_interval Time interval in minutes at which a message with the time is broadcasted

broadcast_mode [message,tip,popup,title] The way players will receive the message


/realtime Alias: (/rt)

/realtime current returns the current time. '/realtime' alone could be used instead.

/realtime disable disables game time from synchronising with real-life factors.

/realtime enable enables game time synchronising with real-life factors.

/realtime help provides a list of available commands.

/realtime reload updates the settings to correspond to the files.

/realtime status returns status about the sun position and current day.


Some formulae are reduced with approximated equations to decline bad impact on the performance. In other words, the calculations are NOT 100% accurate and you may NOT rely on their results by any means. We will work on better accuracy ,with performance in consideration, on the next updates.

Additional information

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Have ideas or found an issue? Feel free to contribute with us. Links:

What's new §
  • RealTime can now synchronise vanilla time to match your location details. Just specify your location in location.yml or let RealTime do this by turning on auto_locate in config.yml (Head to geoPlugin.yml first to accept the policies).
  • You may specify the worlds you would like realtime to target.
  • Added more commands.
  • Added time broadcaster.
  • Improved configuration auto-updater.
  • Updated to Version 1.1.0
    • Added moon phases.
    • Added "day starts at" setting.
    • Internal code improvements.
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License §
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