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Red's (amazing) SkyBlock plugin. Seriously, it's awesome and easy to use! :)
version 3.1.1
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Plugin Description §


RedSkyBlock aims to be a feature rich, user-friendly SkyBlock plugin. RedSkyBlock includes many useful, built-in features that can be edited in the config.yml and with the use of some commands in-game.

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Custom Islands

Custom islands is a new feature for RedSkyBlock. Basically, instead of having to use the old, boring, generic SkyBlock islands, it is now possible to build and implement your own island into the plugin! Here's How:

  1. Create an island which you would like RedSkyBlock to generate for new players.
  2. Use the /is pos1 and /is pos2 commands around that island. Just stand/fly in 2 opposite corners of the build and use the commands (akin to using the //pos1 and //pos2 commands in WorldEdit).
  3. Use the /is set command.
  4. Stand on your custom island, where you would like players to first spawn, and use the command /is makespawn.
  5. That's it! You're all done! Now when a new player comes along and generates their island, it will match the custom island preset you created! Enjoy!

How to use

Use this simple guide to get RedSkyBlock up and running on your server:

  1. Drop the RedSkyBlock.phar file into your server's plugins folder. Restart your server.
  2. Log into your server and set a SkyBlock world using either /is setworld (Not recommended) or /is createworld (recommended). Restart your server.
  3. Go to the plugins config.yml. Look at all of the options and change them to your desired values. For examples and descriptions for all options please visit this link:
  4. Using a permission editing plugin, add the desired permissions to your server's players. Do not add permissions meant for operators to regular players. For a description of each permission please visit this link:
  5. Log into your server and type /is help into chat. Look through the commands and see what you can do.
  6. You're all set! Have fun!


If you wish to request features, or notify me about an issue, please, make an issue. I will be sure to read it and reply quickly and appropriately. If you are reporting an issue with the plugin, be sure to include as many details as possible and steps to reproduce the issue. If you wish to suggest something for the plugin PLEASE be sure to include "suggestions" or "requests" in the title of the issue; make sure to be descriptive when asking for a feature, so I can be sure to know how to implement it, if I choose to do so.


  • Main Features
    • [x] SkyBlock virtually infinite island generation
    • [x] Magic SkyBlock cobblestone generator (Better customization next update)
    • [x] Island teleportation
    • [x] Island locking/unlocking
    • [x] Island Area Protection (Players can customize their own personal island protection and settings using /is settings)
    • [x] Deep customization in config.yml (More coming soon...)
    • [x] Island Members (Configurable in the config.yml)
    • [x] Island Kick/Ban
    • [x] Island Top
    • [x] Island Limits
    • [x] Island generation intervals (customizable in the config.yml)
    • [x] Starting SkyBlock items (Customizable in the config.yml)
    • [x] Completely customizable island generation! You pick how you're islands look!
    • [x] SkyBlock admin commands
    • [x] Admin bypass permissions
    • [x] Personalized Islands
  • Additional Features
    • [x] Island information and stats
    • [ ] Nether islands (Coming much later...)
    • [ ] Lag fighter (Coming much later...)
    • [x] Safe Void in SkyBlock world (Configurable in the config.yml)
    • [x] Keep inventory (In config.yml)
    • [ ] More coming soon...

Why Use RedSkyBlock?

  • RedSkyBlock is actively developed on and is constantly implementing new and useful features.
  • RedSkyBlock works with the most recent version of Pocketmine.
  • RedSkyBlock is fully functional and easy to use on any server.
  • RedSkyBlock is designed to be attractive and configurable for any SkyBlock server.
  • RedSkyBlock aims to be user friendly and feature rich. Suggestions are always welcome.
What's new §
  • Bug Fixes + New Stuff
    • Bug Fixes:
      • Fixed a /is kick bug that crashed players.
        • Players without an island who used this command would crash. This is fixed.
      • Fixed a /is name bug that crashed players.
        • Players without an island who used this command would crash. This is fixed.
      • Fixed a bug where non island members could open hoppers.
        • Previously, anyone could open hoppers on anyone's island, regardless of member status. This is fixed.
      • Fixed an Island Pickup Protection setting bug.
        • Previously, the /is settings Pickup protection bug was causing the server to crash. This is fixed.
      • Many grammatical fixes.
    • New Stuff:
      • /is settings: Players can now use this command to edit MANY personal island settings.
        • Build Protection: When enabled, non-members will not be able to build on a player's island.
        • Break Protection: When enabled, non-members will not be able to break on a player's island.
        • Pickup Protection: When enabled, non-members will not be able to pick up items on a player's island.
        • Anvil Protection: When enabled, non-members will not be able to access anvils on a player's island.
        • Chest Protection: When enabled, non-members will not be able to access chests on a player's island.
        • Crafting Table: When disabled, non-members will not be able to use crafting tables on a player's island.
        • Flight: When disabled, non-members will not be able to fly on a player's island.
        • Hopper Protection: When enabled, non-members will not be able to access hoppers on a player's island.
        • Brewing: When disabled, non-members will not be able to use brewing stands on a player's island.
        • Beacon Protection: When enabled, non-members will not be able to access beacons on a player's island.
        • Buckets: When disabled, non-members will not be able to use buckets on a player's island.
        • PVP: When disabled, PVP will be disabled on a player's island.
          • If PVP is disabled server-wide in the config.yml, this setting is overridden.
        • Flint and Steel: When Disabled, non-members will not be able to use flint and steel on a player's island.
        • Furnace Protection: When enabled, non-members will not be able to access furnaces on a player's island.
        • Ender Chest Protection: When enabled, non-members will not be able to access ender chests on a player's island.
      • PVP in the SkyBlock world can now be enabled/disabled in the config.yml
      • SkyBlock API has been created. There is now a SkyBlock API which can be used to get basic information within the plugin.
      • Created an addon for ScoreHUD by JackMD to create RedSkyBlock scoreboard implementation.
  • Better cobblegen, many new commands, bug fixes, reformatting:

    • The cobblestone generator has been improved greatly; it is now made in the same way a vanilla cobblegen is made.

    • Reformatted some of the old code and added all of the new commands to the help menu.

    • New information in the /is info command

      • Now show's the island's value
      • Now show's the island's rank among all of the islands.
    • Fixed a /is ban bug.

      • Before, when trying to teleport to an island which a player was banned from, the message sent to the player notifying them that they were banned was incorrect. This is fixed.
    • Fixed names being lowercase in /is info, /is top, /is delete, and /is teleport

    • Fixed leaves not decaying on custom islands.

      • Before, when a custom island was generated using /is create or /is reset, the leaves generated on the island did not decay. This is fixed.
    • Added an island ranking system and some commands correlating to it.

      • Island rank is based on Island value. Island value is increased/decreased depending on the blocks on a player's island.
      • The blocks which increase/decrease island value can be edited in config.yml.
    • Added an island leaderboard to view the top islands on a server.

      • Shows the 5 highest valued islands on the server and their worth/value.
    • New option in the config to change the initial island boundaries created upon generating an island.

      • Originally, the island boundaries of a player were always 100x100. Now, this can be changed in the config.yml.
    • New commands to increase or decrease the island boundaries of players.

    • New command to enable flight in the SkyBlock world.

      • Player's must have the permission "" to use this command.
      • This command will only enable flight if the user is in the SkyBlock world set in the config.yml file.
      • If a player leaves the SkyBlock world their ability to fly will be disabled until they reenter the SkyBlock world.
    • New commands:

      • /is rank: Use this command to calculate your island rank on a server.
      • /is top: Use this command to view the top 5 islands on a server.
      • /is increase : Use this command to increase the island boundaries of a player.
      • /is decrease : Use this command to decrease the island boundaries of a player.
      • /is fly: Use this command to enable flight in the server's SkyBlock world.
  • Fixed all of the bugs I made in the last update + some more, and I added /is setspawn.
    • I made a ton of bugs in the last update, mainly bugs concerning the spawn positioning on island generation and island, I completely reworked the way island spawn points work yet again. I also changed /is tp to match. There will no longer be any island spawning/teleporting bugs!
    • I fixed a /is members bug.
    • I fixed a /is add bug.
    • I added another new command: /is setspawn: This command is for regular players, when used, it will change the spawn position of the player's island. So, now the player's control where others spawn on their islands.
    • I updated the help menu again to add the new command.
  • Added new, custom islands feature
    • It is now possible to implement your own islands into the plugin for island generation.
  • Updated the help menu:
    • Change the help menus colors a little.
    • Added all of the new commands to the help menu.
  • Lots more bug fixes!
    • Changed the way the /is teleport command works (It's better now).
    • Fixed a small data saving bug.
    • Fixed an island generation and createworld bug.
    • Fixed a set command bug.
    • Fixed a position setting bug.
  • New commands:
    • /is pos1: Set the first position to create a custom island
    • /is pos2: Set the second position to create a custom island
    • /is set: Set the custom island data into the plugin.
    • /is custom <on/off>: Turn on/off custom island generation.
    • /is makespawn: Create the spawnpoint for your custom island.
  • Updated the README.
  • Bug fixes and added the island unban command
    • Fixed createworld command bug.
    • Fixed a ban command bug.
    • Fixed an island generation bug.
    • Fixed some grammatical issues.
    • Fixed a teleport command bug.
    • Fixed an island add and remove command bugs
    • Added the unban command
  • Update
  • Complete Recode

    • I have completely recoded and restructured RedSkyBlock.
    • It is faster, stronger, and more powerful.
    • New commands and features have been added and all previous bugs have been fixed.
  • A bug where a player would not be teleported to an unloaded SkyBlock world has been fixed.

  • Many other minor bugs have been fixed.

  • New commands:

    • /is createworld : This command allows the user to create and set a SkyBlock world for the server.
    • /is hunger <on/off>: This command allows the user to enable/disable hunger in the SkyBlock world.
    • /is info : This command allows the user to see info for another player's SkyBlock.
    • /is kick : This command allows the user to kick other player's from their island.
    • /is members: This command allows the user to see all of the members of their island.
    • /is name : This command allows the user to change the name of their island.
    • /is reload: This command allows the user to reload all of the existing SkyBlock data.
    • /is reset: This command allows the user to completely reset their SkyBlock island and all of their data.
    • /is void: This command allows the user to disable/enable the void in the SkyBlock world.
  • After using the /is setworld or /is createworld command the server must be either reloaded with /reload or restarted for the world to be fully implemented into the SkyBlock plugin.

  • Many more permissions have been added. All permissions meant for regular players have no default. This is so any server can easily configure what features of the plugin they wish for their users to have/use.

  • Users can now change what items they wish for their players to start with upon creating an island in the config.yml.

  • Users can now change what blocks will spawn in the magic cobblestone generator and the rate that each block will spawn in the config.yml.

  • Users can now change the amount of members a player is allowed to have on their skyblock in the config.yml. Default is 3.

  • Users can now enable/disable Keep Inventory in the config.yml.

using v5.0.1
08 Nov 22
Please update to 1.19.40(API 4)
using v5.0.1
09 Aug 21
Pls update to 1.17.10
using v5.0.1
18 Jul 21
Ideas to add “add island levels, if you reach a certain amount of value you get an island level instead of just value” add “island upgrades to increase island size but you need to put money in island bank” add “maybe change value to points”
using v5.0.1
12 Jul 21
The plugin is really very good, but it would be better if an NPC could be added to the islands so that they can return to the lobby; and also remove the / reset command as I think it is unnecessary, it would be better if the plugin detect the chest.
using v3.1.1
29 Apr 22
Please update to PM4
using v3.1.1
20 Nov 20
using v3.1.1
15 Nov 20
I'm sorry, but even though I understand it's in development, it doesn't seem at all ready for release. The last update was in April 2019, there are many bugs and issues across most of the commands, and some features that were promised don't even work.
using v3.1.1
01 Oct 20
/is createworld Skyblock /is custom on /is pos1 /is pos2 /is set /is setworld /is makespawn
using v3.1.1
22 Jul 20
I love it. This plugins is best of all plugins Skyblock
using v3.1.1
24 Jun 20
If you make island /is create Why only void? And I don't see my island..
using v3.1.1
07 May 20
I love this plug-in but need some updates cuz is low plug-in for big servers
using v3.1.1
25 Apr 20
Very Good
using v3.1.1
23 Feb 20
Players can place lava/water on other's isles
using v3.1.1
16 Oct 19
Please make floating text particle of topis value Good plugin
using v3.1.1
30 Jul 19
using v3.1.1
23 Jul 19
Definitely a 5 star plugin, if I could rate it higher I would. Outstanding job, and I am glad you are keeping this plugin up to date! :)
using v3.1.1
06 Jun 19
Its the best SkyBlock plugin in MCPE, the only thing missing is island names like /is create (island name) and have it show beside your gamertag, it would be AWESOME for it to be implemented! 😀😀😀
using v3.1.1
25 May 19
Plugin is ok bot i will Like it more If plugin will make auto a emplty world for islands
20 Jul 19
It does make an empty world for islands. Run the command /is createworld <worldname>
using v3.1.1
29 Apr 19
Great Plugin
using v3.0.3
20 Apr 19
This plugin is constantly updated by the developer. This plugin has amazing features that are easy to use and is the best plugin I have used!
using v2.0.3-ALPHA
14 Apr 19
Amazing Plugin, easy to install, everything explained well and is one the the most feature rich plugins on mcpe
using v2.0.0-ALPHA
03 Jan 19
Perfect! ^^

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