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A Repair plugin for PocketMine-MP // McPe 1.2.
version 1.0.1
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Plugin Description §


A Repair plugin for PocketMine-MP // McPe 1.2


  • Repair the items in your hand.
  • Repair all the items in your inventory.
  • Repair items using commands.
  • Repair items using signs as well.

How to setup?

  • Get the .phar and drop the into your plugins folder.
  • Start the server.
  • You can either use commands or signs to repair your items.


Q: What is the command to repair the item?
A: Use /repair hand to repair the item in your hand.

Q: Can I repair multiple items at once?
A: Yes you can. Simply use /repair all to repair all the items in your inventory.

Q: I found a issue in the plugin what do I do?
A: Please open an issue here and give as much detail as possible.

Q: How to use repair signs?
A: Place down a sign and write [repair] in first line and write hand or all in the second line. Remember hand will repair the item in your hand whereas all will repair the all the items in your inventory.

Commands and Permissions:

Description Command Permission Default
Repair /repair repair.command.use op
Repair Hand /repair hand repair.command.use.hand op
Repair All /repair all repair.command.use.all op
Repair Hand Sign ~ repair.sign.use.hand op
Repair All Sign ~ repair.sign.use.all op
Place a Sign ~ op
Create a Sign ~ repair.sign.create op
Break a Sign ~ repair.sign.break op


  • Make sure to subscribe to be updated for when i release more stuff on my YT channel.
  • Support is appreciated.
  • Please don't hesitate to ask questions or report bug report in issues section.


This software is licensed under "GNU General Public License v3.0".
This license allows you to use it and/or modify it but you are not at
all allowed to sell this plugin at any cost. If found doing so the
necessary action required would be taken. Further removal of the License and or
authors name from this software is strictly prohibited.
What's new §
  • Support for PMMP API 3.0.0.
  • Removed some static behaviour.
  • And a bit of reformatting.

using v1.0.1
01 Jul 18
24 Jul 18
using v1.0.0
15 Jun 18
28 Jun 18
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