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Reduces skin customisation
version 1.5.0
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Plugin Description §

Using this plugin you can disallow players customising their in-game appearance in sometimes undesired ways. These include:

  • player chosen capes
  • custom geometry data sent by the client
  • skins in general
  • invisible skins
  • changing the skin while playing
What's new §
  • 3.x branch
  • Fix max x exceeding actual bound
  • Fix slim skins breaking due to restricted geometry
  • I should go to bed
  • Rename SKIN_X_Y consts to BOUNDS_X_Y
  • Tweak skin invisibility calculation
    • The divisor now only consists of the visible pixels in the base skin.
  • add icon and poggit link
  • ocd 👺
  • Add toggle to disable ingame skin change
  • Fix invisibility check vulnerability.
  • ocd 👺
  • Add a brief transparency % explanation in config
  • Add fallback image
  • Add transparency check suggested in #1
  • Implement suggestion #2
  • Version bump: 1.2.0
  • micro optimisation

using v1.5.0
30 Jun 19
Great plugin, it works well and does exactly what it says!

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Other Requirement gd php extension
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