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Let you're players get cooldowned rewards
version 2.0
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Plugin Description §

This is a plugin to reward you're players after a waiting period. I hope you like it!


You don't know what this plugin can? Then read this list!

- Easy and simple config
- Custom reward commands
- Configurable messages
- Configurable waiting period
- Configuralbe command (/reward)
- Config Updater
- And so on...


The command is


And the permission for /reward is "rewards.claim".

In the config you can change the message wich appears on succes or fails!


rewards.claim | Let you claim your reward with /reward Default: default

cb-heads.waiting.bypass | Allows you to claim a head without waiting befor. Default: op


A very nice featrure of the most of my plugins is, that you can change so much things through the config.
For example there you can change the succes message, or the command wich will be executed. Just read the comments or contact me!

Questions and Ideas

Hello, how do I use this plugin? Questions like that can be asked on github or on discord ->


There are a lot of things wich I wan't to add. Here are some:

- Better English
- More understandable code like notes for functions
- Fix the permission message bug
- Make a tutorial
- Make the command be executed from the player if this is set in the config


Here is the team wich worked on Rewards

Wertzui123 wrote and made the plugin itself

The icon was designed by @rrritschi and the chest in the logo is from

You can help me too if you suggest things, report bugs and write a comment below!

What's new §
  • Update 2.0
  • Config Updater added
  • Bypass permission added
  • Splitted command in a single file
  • More configurable
  • Standart time format is now ammarican
  • More then 1 executeably command

using v2.0
26 May 19
only op have permissions, how to allow other players to use /reward
30 May 19
This is only possible if you set the permission to a group, by a permission manager. Or you create a fork and edit the plugin.yml!
using v2.0
19 May 19
Server thread/CRITICAL]: TypeError: "date() expects parameter 2 to be integer, boolean given" (EXCEPTION) in "plugins/Rewards (1).phar/src/Wertzui123/Rewards/reward" at line 44 How to fix, or can you fix it please?
21 May 19
using v1.0.0
17 Apr 19
I love it!! but how can I add more? can you do the format please?
02 May 19
Wich format? What to add? Thanks for the 5 stars and sorry that I answered so late. I didn't saw it. To suggest things please use my discord server or the issue page on github.
using v1.0.0
10 Apr 19
sehr gut :P
11 Apr 19
using v1.0.0
31 Mar 19
Lul danke geiles Plugin 😂👍
31 Mar 19
Du schon wieder xD. Danke für dein Review.

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