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A highly customizable plugin to add Scoreboards on your Minecraft Bedrock Server.
version 2.0.0
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Plugin Description §


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A highly customizable plugin to add Scoreboards on your Minecraft Bedrock Server.


  • This plugin adds scoreboard to your server.
  • Everything is customizable.
  • Provides support for all the plugins mentioned in supported plugins.
  • If you want a feature to be added then be sure to make an issue regarding it.

Supported Plugins:

How to setup?

  • Put the plugin in your plugins folder.
  • Start and then stop the server.
  • Edit the config.yml to suit your needs.
  • Restart and enjoy...


Q: How many score-lines can I set?
A: You can set 1 to 15 score-lines.

Q: What tags are available to be set?
A: Mostly all the tags that you could imagine are available. More details can be found in config.yml.

Q: There is a tag missing or I want a new tag to be added?
A: You can make a new issue with details what you want to be added.

Q: How many server-names can I set?
A: You can set infinite many number of server-names.

Q: I am having problems and cannot set the plugin correctly. What do I do?
A: Well you can always open a new issue on this repository or contact me via Discord: JackMD#3717 or Twitter: JackMTaylor_.

Q: I like the plugin. What do I do?
A: Well, that is extremely fortunate. Why not to star this repository and might as well a good review on poggit.

What's new §
  • Add support for update notifier
  • Added SkyBlock by GiantQuartz to the supported plugins list
  • Added checks to prevent plugin from crashing as reported on
  • Split stuff between the main file and DataManager
    • Closes #10
    • Added support for GiantQuartz skyblock plugin
    • Split stuff between Main.php and DataManager.php
    • Config version bump
    • Plugin version bump
  • Update .poggit.yml
  • config version bump, added more tags, also added authors for supported plugins
  • version bump
  • Feature complete
  • Closes #5
  • Changes to some part of the code
  • Added support for CPS
  • Config version change
  • Update README
  • Close #8 . Feature added.
  • Updated config-version.
  • Added a check to make sure people use the plugin phar from poggit.
  • Completed a feature request.
  • Timezones can now be set.
  • version bump
  • Added suffix and prefix support. Need PurePerms for adding the support.
  • Plugin version bump.
  • Updated config-version to "TaylorSwift.
  • Close #7.
  • Fixed a typo which was leading to config.yml always being renamed.
  • Update plugin.yml
  • Added FAQ section and added deatil on how to setup.
  • Added config version check also deleted some pre-set score-lines so now user can add more himself.
  • Added config version check. removed Listener, also updated code as @sofe suggested.
  • Fix #4.
  • Version bump.
  • Added support for KDR. Closes #2
  • Update Logo
  • version bump

using v3.0.0
22 Mar 19
I tried to DM you on Discord to ask you how everything works but you never replied :/ Please respond GamingJedrickYT#0239
23 Mar 19
Thats because everything regarding how to setup is show in readme and/or config or data.yml. If you can't read I can't help.
using v3.0.0
17 Mar 19
Very Good, i love this plugin
18 Mar 19
using v3.0.0
08 Mar 19
Great but crashes server
08 Mar 19
If it crashes then please open a issue on github. Anyways its working fine for me. And if I continue to get false reports of it not working I just might end up deleting this plugin.
using v3.0.0
15 Feb 19
Nice Plugin, but pls fix: "[14:17:39] [Server thread/CRITICAL]: ErrorException: "Invalid argument supplied for foreach()" (EXCEPTION) in "plugins/ScoreHud.phar/src/JackMD/ScoreHud/Main" at line 85" (my server can‘t load the plugin)
20 Feb 19
Hmm I will look into it. Thanks for reporting 😀
using v3.0.0
10 Feb 19
Really nice plugin!!! But can you in next update add hunger games and plots (like plot owner, count)?
13 Feb 19
Hmm okay and thx
using v2.0.0
26 Jan 19
Please add factionsprobeta
30 Jan 19
Already a todo!
using v2.0.0
22 Jan 19
Can you support factions pro beta? And a different scorehud for each world?
25 Jan 19
Thats already a todo. I have plans to implement all that jazz 😀
using v2.0.0
19 Jan 19
20 Jan 19
Thanks ♥️
using v2.0.0
18 Dec 18
18 Dec 18
Thanks ❤️
using v1.2.0
25 Nov 18
It's great, but how can i remove the numbers that appear on the right of every row? (1,2,3,etc)
25 Nov 18
Thats done by Minecraft. We cannot change it.
using v1.1.2
16 Nov 18
Hmm for some reason when I edit the config with this: score-lines: - " §dWelcome: §5{name}" - "§6Ping: §f {ping} - "§6Rank:§f {rank} - " §bOnline: §a{online} §c/ §d{max_online}" it crashes
17 Nov 18
Hmm can you make an issue for it on [GitHub]( I would like to know what happening.
using v1.1.2
14 Nov 18
Amazing! works like a charm. Keep up the outstanding work!
15 Nov 18
Thanks and will do. I will be dropping a new plugin this week!
using v1.1.2
11 Nov 18
Perfect Plugin for scoreboards! Highly customisable and the support if a problem occurs. GG
11 Nov 18
Thanks alot for the review
using v1.1.1
07 Nov 18
Great Plugin! And great features, love your work jack! <3
07 Nov 18
using v1.1.1
04 Nov 18
When I configure the plugin, I reset the server and it nevers updates on the server.
05 Nov 18
You are doing something wrong. Instead of compaining here you should actually make an issue on github so that I could look into it. But just for reference and to anyone reading this comment, the problem stated by this user doesn't exist. He is most surely doing something extremely wrong or doesn't know how to configure it properly.
using v1.1.1
04 Nov 18
Awesome plugin, Thanks!
04 Nov 18
No problem! Glad you liked it
using v1.1.0
03 Nov 18
Omg, Best scoreboard plugin EVER!!!!! amazing set of variables that can be used aswell!
03 Nov 18
Thanks for such a good review
using v1.0.0
01 Nov 18
02 Nov 18
Thanks alot!

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