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A highly customizable plugin to add Scoreboards on your Minecraft Bedrock Server.
version 5.2.0
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Plugin Description §


ScoreHud Banner

A highly customizable plugin to add Scoreboards on your Minecraft Bedrock Server.


Starting from ScoreHud version 5.0.0 onwards addons will be used.
The old methods have been removed. You are therefore requested to update.
Process on how to use addons is written below.
Please also read last two questions in FAQs.


  • This plugin adds scoreboard to your server.
  • Everything is customizable.
  • Provides support for all the plugins mentioned in supported plugins.
  • If you want a feature to be added then be sure to make an issue regarding it.

How to setup?

  • Put the plugin in your plugins folder.
  • Start and then stop the server.
  • Edit the config.yml and scorehud.yml to suit your needs.
  • Restart and enjoy.


  • This plugin supports addons for adding tags to edit on the scoreboard.
  • For a list of available addons go here.

How to use Addons

  • Download the addons you like to use from here.
  • Stop the server if on.
  • Hint: The addons end with a .php extension.
  • Put the addons you downloaded in plugin_data\ScoreHud\addons folder.
  • Edit as required in scorehud.yml.
  • Start the server and enjoy.


Q: How many score-lines can I set?
A: You can set 1 to 15 score-lines.

Q: What tags are available to be set?
A: Mostly all the tags that you could imagine are available. More details can be found in over here.

Q: There is a tag missing or I want a new tag to be added?
A: You can make a new issue with details what you want to be added.

Q: How many server-names can I set?
A: You can set infinite many number of server-names.

Q: I am having problems and cannot set the plugin correctly. What do I do?
A: Well you can always open a new issue on this repository or contact me via Discord: JackMD#3717 or Twitter: JackMTaylor_.

Q: I like the plugin. What do I do?
A: Well, that is extremely fortunate. Why not to star this repository and might as well a good review on poggit.

Q: I could'nt find an addon for a plugin. What do i do?
A: Well, the whole process of making addon support system was simply to let other plugin authors add support for ScoreHud by making an addon themselves. My work was to make an api for them to follow. Rest is their business. So ask the author of the plugin to add support for this plugin.

Q: The author of the plugin whose addon I want is no longer alive. What do I do?
A: In this case make an issue here starting with [Addon Request] and mention in detail which plugins support you want to be added. I will then look into it.



For Developers:

What's new §
  • disable phpstan lint check
  • move virion checking logic from onLoad() -> onEnable()
  • no need to display useless info messages if addon update is not found
  • no need to notice
  • use UpdateNotifier v2.0.0
  • version bump
  • ScoreHud now uses Addons. Details about them are in the on GitHub.
  • Added addon api checks
  • Added addon dependency checks
  • Addons will no longer load when the plugin its depended on is not found.
  • Added addon version.
  • Added addon update notifier. Now if an addon is updated it will then notify the user on console.
  • Some more addons support on ScoreHud-Addons repo.
  • API docs and Wiki pages have been updated accordingly.
  • ScoreHud now uses Addons. Details about them are in the on GitHub.
  • Added addon api checks
  • Added addon dependency checks
  • Addons will no longer load when the plugin its depended on is not found.
  • Added addon version.
  • Added addon update notifier. Now if an addon is updated it will then notify the user on console.
  • Some more addons support on ScoreHud-Addons repo.
  • API docs and Wiki pages have been updated accordingly.
  • Add support for ConfigUpdater
  • Add support for addons. Redid some parts. Make it a tad bit cleaner.
  • Added addon dependency on plugins
  • Added required addon files
  • Change initiate to onEnable() and fix phpdocs also added getServer() method
  • Create Utils.php
  • Delete DataManager.php
  • File name changes
  • Fix multiple tags on single line not showing up
  • Merge pull request #106 from JackMD/addon-work
    • Addons Updates
  • No longer save baseaddon.php
  • Provide BasicAddon by default
  • Update
  • bump config versions and change Main.php to ScoreHud.php
  • data.yml -> scorehud.yml
  • fix names
  • header updates
  • namespace update and version bump
  • some fixes
  • DataManager: Update namespace for SkyBlockSession
  • Fix ScoreHud command description
  • Merge pull request #32 from JohnathenHampton/patch-2
    • Fix ScoreHud command description
  • Merge pull request #33 from GiantQuartz/master
    • DataManager: Update namespace for SkyBlockSession
  • Version bump to 4.0 since it contains backwards incompatible changes.
  • Add support for showing skyblock rank and close #19
  • Added PureChat to the supported plugins list
  • Added ScoreHud command and started work on disabling scorehud for specific players
  • Added support for disabling scorehud close #21 and fix some minor bugs. All tested.
  • Added support for next rankup rank and close #20
  • Added support for per world scoreboards. Close #18
  • Added support for prefix/suffix. Close #27
  • Added support for using a default scoreboard if world was not found. Close #26
  • Fix #22 and close #22
  • Fix formating
  • Forgot adding support in actual code
  • Merge pull request #25 from Shelly7w7/master closes #23
  • More work on disabling scorehud
  • New data.yml file. Also made config and data seperate
  • Removed useles return
  • Split config into two files
  • Split data and config also added date, faction power and skyblock rank
  • Update DataManager.php
  • Update Main.php
  • Update config.yml
  • version bump and add description
  • Add support for update notifier
  • Added SkyBlock by GiantQuartz to the supported plugins list
  • Added checks to prevent plugin from crashing as reported on
  • Split stuff between the main file and DataManager
    • Closes #10
    • Added support for GiantQuartz skyblock plugin
    • Split stuff between Main.php and DataManager.php
    • Config version bump
    • Plugin version bump
  • Update .poggit.yml
  • config version bump, added more tags, also added authors for supported plugins
  • version bump
  • Feature complete
  • Closes #5
  • Changes to some part of the code
  • Added support for CPS
  • Config version change
  • Update README
  • Close #8 . Feature added.
  • Updated config-version.
  • Added a check to make sure people use the plugin phar from poggit.
  • Completed a feature request.
  • Timezones can now be set.
  • version bump
  • Added suffix and prefix support. Need PurePerms for adding the support.
  • Plugin version bump.
  • Updated config-version to "TaylorSwift.
  • Close #7.
  • Fixed a typo which was leading to config.yml always being renamed.
  • Update plugin.yml
  • Added FAQ section and added deatil on how to setup.
  • Added config version check also deleted some pre-set score-lines so now user can add more himself.
  • Added config version check. removed Listener, also updated code as @sofe suggested.
  • Fix #4.
  • Version bump.
  • Added support for KDR. Closes #2
  • Update Logo
  • version bump

using v5.2.0
24 Jan 21
using v5.2.0
30 Dec 20
The Hud is blinking, please fix it. Maybe use AsyncTask.
using v5.2.0
10 Nov 20
It crash my server whenever i create world or world is created (for example skyblock island)... In console it says "segmentation fault (core dumped)"
using v5.2.0
22 Sep 20
How do I change the font in this plugin?
using v5.2.0
19 Sep 20
Please fix addon skyblock
using v5.2.0
02 Sep 20
using v5.2.0
29 Aug 20
When i do something like {name} in the scoreboard.yml config, and go back in-game, it shows "{name}". I have the addons and i imported it into the addons folder. Please fix this!
using v5.2.0
26 Aug 20
the plugin is very good but I use the aternos platform and in these updates I can’t use it anymore because I have to put it in and don’t put it in aternos please people need to put the piggfaction scorehud thanks for understanding
using v5.2.0
10 Aug 20
using v5.2.0
02 Aug 20
Nice plugin
using v5.2.0
27 Jul 20
Great Plugin but how to add online Player count in Score Hud??
using v5.2.0
26 Jul 20
using v5.2.0
12 Jul 20
using v5.2.0
29 Jun 20
nice plugin but please help whenever i put any thing on the line thing it doesent display whhat its sussopsed too
using v5.2.0
25 Jun 20
So Good
using v5.2.0
17 Jun 20
Was originally doubting it, as it jerked in and out, but later figured out it was the update speed, which was in a config. Great work, Jack!
using v5.2.0
03 Jun 20
Can you update it, it's saying it is red when I do /pl
using v5.2.0
27 May 20
Suggestion: Add a thing called {online_players_serverip:port}. Other than that, it’s pretty cool.
using v5.2.0
26 May 20
Great Plugin! But my issue is I dont know how to download the addon please help me if you can
using v5.2.0
26 May 20
[22:07:49] [Server thread/CRITICAL]: Error: "Call to undefined method room17\SkyBlock\session\Session::hasIsle()" (EXCEPTION) in "C:/Users/heredarknes/Desktop/Server/plugin_data/ScoreHud/addons/SkyBlock" at line 48 perfect plugin but bug in the skyblock ad
using v5.2.0
23 May 20
you can add Online: {} (show players online in servers
using v5.1.1
20 Jan 21
Can this be updated please, it's currently out dated. let me know when you have updated it please! Thank you.
using v5.1.1
01 Sep 20
Pleasee Update
using v5.1.1
14 Jul 20
Sadly KDR addon isn't working right now, I really need that for kitpvp. I hope you can get it fixed then it will be a 5 star review lol
using v5.1.1
12 May 20
please add addons ChestFinder
using v5.1.1
04 May 20
Server has been crashing my server when loading new chunks while flying I attempted to make the update for the scoreHud slower I even made it update every 60 seconds but it still results in my server crashing.
using v5.1.1
16 Apr 20
using v5.1.1
15 Apr 20
I wish you would add support for VanishV2. Other than that, the plugin is great, I didnt face any problems setting it up nor editing to scorehud.yml. Thanks for the good work. Peace ✌
using v5.1.1
13 Apr 20
Hey, the plugin is very good, but if I drag the SkyBlockAddon.php into the addons folder, if the server crashes, please fix the addon
using v5.1.1
24 Feb 20
I love this plugin. Works perfectly. Can you add a addon for pinging other servers? Like {ip:19132} so I can use it to show other server in my hub?
using v5.1.1
16 Jan 20
Great Plugin... But can you please support VanishV2? If there are 2 players on the server and one is in the Vanish, your hud says that 2 are online. Basically no problem... But if you want to spy, you can't do it...
using v5.1.1
22 Sep 19
I know it's a great plugin, but I installed addons, I installed the plugins but still the scoreboard isnt working lmao, the tags doesn't work when I put {name} it only shows {name} in the name, I'll change the rate when this is fixed :l
using v5.1.1
09 Aug 19
Thx to update the plugin. So i before this update im sooo bad i add {player} and the scorehud | | |{player|
using v5.1.1
02 Aug 19
So useful
using v5.1.1
11 Jun 19
Really good plugin but how do multi world scoreboard I active on Config but he not work
16 Jun 19
You got to enable it in config.yml and then edit scorehud.yml
using v5.1.1
31 May 19
It's a very great plugin. May I ask how do I put the player name? I tried {name} it only shows "{name}" not the player's name, and also {online}/{max_online}
02 Jun 19
Use addons for adding that. Read readme on github.
using v5.1.1
24 May 19
Nice plugin but I added the factions addon it didn’t show up in the scoreboard is there something I need to do in another file so that it shows the faction
26 May 19
Only factions pro is supported and simply adding the addon won't work. You have to set the tag in scorehud.yml as well.
using v5.1.1
27 Apr 19
good plugin but when ever i add the addons and restart my server the plugin stops working
27 Apr 19
Follow the tutorial here. Surely you are doing something wrong. Open an issue on github if it still doesnt work. But FOLLOW THE TUTORIAL FIRST before creating an issue. Any irrelevant issues will automatically be closed.
using v5.1.1
27 Apr 19
How do i use addons?, how do i add it? forex, i will just download the plugin like Factionpro so scoreboard can show users faction or i also have to download its addon?
27 Apr 19
Please for the love of God read the README! Also I am very sorry that you are blind and cannot see where the readme is or read it. Sorry that you donot have eyes to see.
using v5.1.1
27 Apr 19
Best Scoreboard Plugin (σ゚∀゚)σ..:*☆
27 Apr 19
Great you enjoyed it 😍
using v5.1.1
27 Apr 19
love it!
27 Apr 19
Thanks alot 😍
using v5.1.0
26 Apr 19
It's a good plugin :)
26 Apr 19
using v5.0.0
23 Apr 19
Can you add killstreak and fps? its amazing
24 Apr 19
If there is a plugin for killstreaks or fps then please ask their author for making an addon and submitting it to scorehud-addons repository. Other than I cannot help.
using v5.0.0
23 Apr 19
Best Scoreboard Plugin :)
23 Apr 19
Thx ♥️
using v4.0.0
21 Apr 19
Can you please add Support for OnlineTime?
23 Apr 19
using v4.0.0
19 Apr 19
Can you support RedSkyBlock?
21 Apr 19
Contact the owner of RedSkyBlock plugin and ask him to make an addon. API has been provided in the wiki.
using v3.0.0
07 Apr 19
Fine! It's a great plugin but how can I make a empty line like Name: (Space area) Factions How?? It's a great plugin
08 Apr 19
Please read the config/data.yml again. You figured this part... You will figure that out too. PS: Just don't act like a retard like you had been acting.
using v3.0.0
17 Mar 19
Very Good, i love this plugin
18 Mar 19
using v3.0.0
08 Mar 19
Great but crashes server
08 Mar 19
If it crashes then please open a issue on github. Anyways its working fine for me. And if I continue to get false reports of it not working I just might end up deleting this plugin.
using v3.0.0
15 Feb 19
Nice Plugin, but pls fix: "[14:17:39] [Server thread/CRITICAL]: ErrorException: "Invalid argument supplied for foreach()" (EXCEPTION) in "plugins/ScoreHud.phar/src/JackMD/ScoreHud/Main" at line 85" (my server can‘t load the plugin)
20 Feb 19
Hmm I will look into it. Thanks for reporting 😀

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