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A PocketMine-MP plugin that let you send scoreboards by using commands on your server who comes with a rich API for developers.
version 1.0.5
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Plugin Description §


A PocketMine-MP plugin that let you easily send scoreboards by using commands on your server who comes with a rich API for developers for MCBE 1.7 & 1.8.


use Miste\scoreboardspe\API\{
	Scoreboard, ScoreboardDisplaySlot, ScoreboardSort, ScoreboardAction

    Create a scoreboard with the display name Miste
    The id is created and saved linked with the display name internally
    You can choose if you want your lines to be padded or not (by default there will be padded).

$scoreboard = new Scoreboard($this->getServer()->getPluginManager()->getPlugin("ScoreboardsPE")->getPlugin(), "Miste", ScoreboardAction::CREATE);
$scoreboard->create(ScoreboardDisplaySlot::SIDEBAR, ScoreboardSort::DESCENDING, true); //true for padding, false for no padding

    If you want to get back the Scoreboard instance of one of your scoreboard do as you were creating on and add the ScoreboardAction::MODIFY at the end of the constructor.
    Here you will get back the instance of the scoreboard we created above

$scoreboard = new Scoreboard($this->getServer()->getPluginManager()->getPlugin("ScoreboardsPE")->getPlugin(), "Miste", ScoreboardAction::MODIFY);

    Send the scoreboard to the player (without any lines)


    Add lines to the scoreboard O
    If you send line 1 then line 4 the plugin will automatically send two empty lines between.
    The max number of lines is 15, send more than 15 can bring issues when removing some

$scoreboard->setLine($player, 1, "line1");
$scoreboard->setLine($player, 2, "line2");
$scoreboard->setLine($player, 5, "line5");
$scoreboard->setLine($player, 8, "line8");
$scoreboard->setLine($player, 9, "line9");

    Remove the line you choose from the scoreboard. This line will be removed from all the viewers.


    Remove all the lines from the scoreboard. The lines will be removed from all the viewers.


    Rename the scoreboard called Miste to Miste1 and re send it to all the viewers
$scoreboard->rename("Miste", "Miste1");

    Remove the scoreboard from the display of the player


    Delete the scoreboard from the database (in order to save RAM)


    Return an array with all the players that can view the scoreboards
    **NB** Players are automatically removed from this array if the player quits the server or if you remove the scoreboard for this player



The command to use the soreboards is scoreboard, its aliases are sc and score.

  • /scoreboard create < Name of the scoreboard > < displaySlot (sidebar/list/belowname) > < sortOrder (0->ascending/1->descending) >

    • DisplaySlot
      It's where the scoreboard is displayed on your screen
      • sidebar: the default scoreboard position (at the right of your screen).
      • list: above the player list.
      • belowname: below the name of the player (not implemented in beta).
    • Sort Order
      This is the order in which your entries are classified.
      • 0: The score is from the smallest to the biggest
      • 1: The score is from the biggest to the smallest

It creates the scoreboard and save it.

  • /scoreboard add < player / @all > < title >

It sends the scoreboard display.
For example: /scoreboard add @all Miste display that:

  • /scoreboard setLine < player / @all > < Name of the scoreboard > < line > < message >

It adds the line you want with the text you want to the scoreboard.
The player to which you are sending this setLine have to have received the scoreboard first.
NB: You can't add two lines with the same message. If you don't have any lines to your scoreboard and you add the line 4 it will add 3 empty lines too.
For example: /scoreboard setLine Misteboss1 Miste 1 My name is Miste display that:

  • /scoreboard rmLine < Name of the scoreboard > < line >

It removes the line you want of the scoreboard.
For example: /scoreboard rmLine Miste 1 display that:

  • /scoreboard clearLines < Name of the scoreboard >

It removes all the lines from your scoreboard and resend it to all the viewers.

  • /scoreboard rename < old name > < new name >

It renames your scoreboard and re send it to all the viewers.

  • /scoreboard remove < player / @all > < Name of the scoreboard >

It removes the scoreboard from the player.
For example: /scoreboard remove @all Miste will remove the scoreboard from all the online players.

  • /scoreboard delete < Name of the scoreboard >

It removes the scoreboard from the database, that means that you wouldn't be able to use it in the future.
NB: Please note that this command doesn't remove the scoreboard from it's viewers
Example: /scoreboard delete Miste will remove the scoreboard.

  • /scoreboard help

It gives you the list of available commands and how to use them.

What's new §
  • C2a poggit + be sure that the plugin is the first loaded in case you want to create some scoreboards in onEnable().
  • Add an icon and poggit's badges.
  • You can now choose if you want your lines to be padded or not (by default with commands & optional with the API) #13.
  • Fix #6. You can now choose if you want to register commands or not. Added /sc clearLine to clear all the lines of the scoreboard.
  • You can now remove all the lines from the scoreboard by using removeLines() (#9). Removing a line or all the lines will now affect all the viewers of the scoreboard. Adding a message when you are creating a scoreboard that already exists because it could lead to a misunderstanding.

using v2.0.0
19 Feb 19
I don't think it works.
using v2.0.0
31 Dec 18
Only show the title, lines not showing.
01 Mar 19
Please re read the README & report errors to my github if you have some.
using v1.0.4
02 Dec 18
Great plugin! Works as intended! (BTW I’m so glad they finally added scoreboards to MCBE!)
using v1.0.3
14 Nov 18
Doesn't work (Garbage)
15 Nov 18
It would be cool to know what is your issue because you are the first one to tell me that it doesn't work.
using v1.0.1
19 Oct 18
Awsome Man thanks!

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