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Sell all items in your hand or all items in your inventory with the same type as in your hand
version 1.3.0
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Plugin Description §


Sell all items in your hand or all items in your inventory with the same type as in your hand It's really simple: just type /sell all if you want to send every block in your inventory that is of the same type as in your hand. type /sell hand if you just want to sell the stack if items in your hand. Do /sell inventory to sell all sellable items in your inventory!

If you want to add a group of items to sell at once, like /sell ores to sell all the ores in your inventory, you can do this by adding a new group in the config. You just have to list all the item IDs. The item names will work too but it's not recommended as they need to be exact.

The plugin will base the prices on what you put in config.yml. just add the id and then the price you want to sell it for. Example: 100: 10 If you changed the config while the server is running you can do /sell reload. If you don't have perms it will look like the subcommand doesn't exist.

The plugin will do the rest! Players need the sellall.command permission to use the /sell command.

from 1.3.0: You can also sell items with specific meta. For instance, if you want to sell lapis for $7 you need to add '351:4':7. The '' is very important!

What's new §
  • you can now sell items with specific meta
  • split up the messages in the config to a seperate file (messages.yml)
  • some fixes
  • added /sell reload
  • Added 'sell groups' that work as arguments like the plugin has hand, all and inventory.
  • Added the {ARGS} variable in the usage message. This also lists groups
  • Every /sell command now has floating pount accuracy. This enables you to set the price of an item to something like $0.05
  • /sell inventory now actually gives the player money
  • added an alias "/sell inv"

added /sell inventory - this sells all sellable items in your inventory

  • you can change the messages in the config
  • most ids are added with their default prices

using v1.3.0
31 Aug 20
set permissions for each command / sell everything / sell hand
using v1.3.0
26 Jul 20
using v1.3.0
05 May 20
sometimes it has issue
using v1.3.0
16 Feb 20
Great plugin, 1 issue is i cant ban the command in certain worlds. I have gmc plots and people can sell their items there
using v1.3.0
07 Nov 19
Can you give / sell GROUPS more specific selling prices like sell all. If you change GROUPS, it will change the price like that
using v1.3.0
20 Sep 19
doing /sell inv crashes my server, other than that great plugin.
using v1.1.1
13 Jan 19
I really like this plugin. The /sell inv is a very good idea. But I found a bug. If a block costs like 0.05$ or something like that you won't get any money. If you solve that 5Stars will not be enough ;)
13 Jan 19
Thank you for the review. I have found the cause of this problem and I will fix this as soon as possible! Edit: fix submitted
using v1.0.0
02 Dec 18
Hey, just tried out your plugin, I didn't knew if I would be holding 200 stones, it would sell all stone not all inv by doing /sell all, please add a command that sells all inventory, thank you!
08 Dec 18
Sell all sells all items with the same ID as the block you’re holding. If you want i can make a /sell inventory command that sells all sellable items.

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EconomyAPI 5.7.2
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