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Allow players to declare themselves AFK
version 1.2.0
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Plugin Description §


SimpleAFK allows players to declare themselves AFK. This allows other people to see if someone is AFK or not, and can prevent AFK people being spammed with "Hey, are you there?".


  1. Highly configurable.
  2. Automatic non-AFK detection.
  3. Automatic kick when player is afk for too long.
  4. Public AFK message.
  5. Ability for players to set their own public AFK message.
  6. Ability to set blocks that players cannot AFK on.
  7. AFK notice in player names.

Default Config

# Main configuration file for SimpleAFK
# Create by Dapro718
# Message me on Discord: Dapro#5173
#     - If you need help.
#     - If you have a plugin idea / feature request

config-version: 3

# ^^^ DO NOT TOUCH ^^^ #

# Plugin prefix - sent before messages sent by SimpleAfk
prefix: "&l&8[&4AFK&8]"

# Edit the settings for the afk command.
  # Command name: the input needed after the '/'.
  name: "afk"
  # Description: The label after the name.
  description: "Declare yourself AFK."
  # Usage: The how-to-use message in the help menu.
  usage: "/afk <message | off>"
  # Aliases: Alternate command names.
  aliases: []

# Whether to send a message in chat when a player goes offline.
send-public-message: true

# Message sent in chat if no custom message is provided.
# {player} = Name of player that has gone AFK.
public-message: "&b{player} &ahas gone afk."

# Message sent in chat if a custom message is provided.
# {player} = Name of player that has gone AFK.
# {message} = Custom message the player provided.
custom-public-message: "&b{player} &ahas gone afk: &a{message}"

# Words that cannot be included in the custom message.
banned-words: []

# Whether to show if a player is AFK in their nametag.
show-afk-nametag: true

# Edit the nametag format. Text goes BEFORE the players current name.
afk-nametag-format: "[AFK]"

# Whether to automatically remove AFK if player moves.
remove-afk-when-move: true

# Whether to automatically remove AFK if player chats.
remove-afk-when-chat: true

# Whether to automatically remove AFK if player attacks another entity.
remove-afk-when-attack: true

# Whether to kick a player for being AFK too long or not.
do-afk-kick: true

# The amount of time (in seconds) for a player to be kicked for being AFK.
afk-kick-time: 300

# The kick message sent when a player gets kicked.
afk-kick-message: "You have been kicked for being AFK too long."

# Whether to disallow being afk on certain blocks.
do-no-afk-blocks: true

# ID of blocks that players cannot afk on.
no-afk-blocks: []

# Edit messages sent SimpleAFK->Player
  no-permission: "&cYou do not have permission to use that command."
  already-afk: "&cYou are already AFK."
  already-not-afk: "&cYou are already not AFK."
  afk-on: "&aYou are now AFK."
  afk-off: "&aYou are no longer AFK."
  on-no-afk-block: "&cYou cannot AFK on that block."
  auto-afk-remove: "&aYou have been detected as non-AFK, your AFK status has been removed."
  includes-banned-words: "&cYour message included banned words. Please try again."


You can detect if players are AFK by using the built-in session system.

/** @var string|Player $player */
AFK::getInstance()->getSession()->isInSession($player); //returns bool


Found an issue? Open an issue on the github.

Need personal help? DM Dapro#5173 on Discord.

What's new §
  • Update v1.2.0
    • Added the ability to add blocks that players cannot afk on.
  • Update 1.1.0 (#1)
    • Added auto kick.
    • Added custom afk message.
    • Fixed an issue where the public message would not send.
    • Fixed an issue where the afk tag will remain in player name after auto afk remove.
    • Bumped version to 1.1.0.

using v1.0.0
29 Mar 21
i am afk
using v1.0.0
28 Mar 21

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