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Easiest way to color player's names using permissions.
version 1.0
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Plugin Description §

SimpleNameColor-PMMP is a port from a plugin that I created in 2014 for Bukkit (link here) . It's a simple, straight to the point, no bullshit plugin. All you need is to add the permission to the player/group and they will have custom colored name in chat.

This plugin IS NOT aimed towards people who want to customize everything in the chat. Its intended purpose is to keep Minecraft's original chatting style but with colors (got this idea from MCPVP back in the days).

It also probably conflicts with other plugins that change the format of player chat, so be careful.

Color reference


Permission Function
simplenamecolor.aqua Aqua Black Blue
simplenamecolor.bold Bold
simplenamecolor.darkaqua Dark aqua
simplenamecolor.darkblue Dark blue
simplenamecolor.darkgray Dark gray
simplenamecolor.darkgreen Dark green
simplenamecolor.darkpurple Dark purple
simplenamecolor.darkred Dark red Gold
simplenamecolor.gray Gray Green
simplenamecolor.italic Italic
simplenamecolor.lightpurple Light purple
simplenamecolor.obfuscated Obfuscated Red
simplenamecolor.strikethrough Strikethrough
simplenamecolor.underline Underline
simplenamecolor.yellow Yellow
simplenamecolor.white White

Known issues:

  • Strikethrough and underline doesn't seem to work. Perhaps it's a limitation from the game itself.

using v1.0
13 Jul 19
im doing this cause that idiot did 1 star for no reason looks cool tho
using v1.0
09 Feb 19
using v1.0
02 Jan 19
to compense his question :)
02 Jan 19
Thank you :)
using v1.0
23 Dec 18
can this plugin create a nick player on the colored xbox list tab? xbox nick player? in the tab list mcpe server?
24 Dec 18
Hi, as far as I know this is not possible to do. Please don't give 1 star reviews to just ask a question.

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