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Get the amount of online players using the Slapper plugin!
version 2.0.0
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Plugin Description §


Get the amount of players on a server with the Slapper plugin!

This plugin can be useful if you have multiple servers and want to show how many players are online on each server!


On your slapper, just put the IP and port of the server like IP:Port.

For example, let's say I wanted to get the amount of players in Versai, I would put the name of the Slapper on the first line, and put the server and port on the second line of the nametag of the Slapper. An example:

If everything is done well, the plugin will do it's magic and show you the player count! Result

Easy to use, and super simple. Because this uses a special type of task (AsyncTask), this won't lag your server, and you're good to go!

Notice: The server ip and port must be on the second line of the slapper (separated by the tag {line}) to work.

using v2.1.0
02 Jun 20
good plug
using v2.0.0
30 May 20
Hey, I love the plugin but can you please add Multi World Support and that you can change the message under the slapper in a config otherwise everything is perfect about the plugin! thank you
30 May 20
In the next version, there will be a config where you can customize the messages. World-per-player support will also be in the next version. Thank you for your review and suggestions!
using v2.0.0
29 May 20
using v2.0.0
26 May 20
The plugin is great but can you make it so you can show the player counts for worlds like if theres 2 Players on world 1 and you wanna show the player count for world 1 can you add that pls to the plugin
26 May 20
Thanks for the suggestion, it is being worked on
using v2.0.0
23 May 20
I am searching for it thanks!
using v2.0.0
20 May 20
Amazing plugin!
using v2.0.0
19 May 20
That's a really good plugin but can you add a line for know if the server is online or offline? I think that's a good idea
20 May 20
If the server is offline, it will show "Server Offline" (thanks for the review!)
using v2.0.0
18 May 20
This is amazing!
using v2.0.0
16 May 20
This is a very great plugin and I love it, but can you please add a multi-world support? Like it will show how many people is in each world?
17 May 20
That is a good suggestion, I will try and make this possible in the next update :D (and thanks for the review!)

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Slapper 1.5.20-uhappynow
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License §
External Internet sockets
Asynchronous tasks

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