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Multiplies the speed of the furnace!
version 1.1.0
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Plugin Description §

Preview ✔️ You can increase the speed of the furnace to your wants
✔️ You can configuration the accelerate-multiplier and update-delay in config.yml

How To Use?

  1. Download .phar
  2. Move downloaded .phar file to server's /plugins/ folder
  3. Restart the server


# Main configuration file for SmeltingAccelerator
# Some of these settings are safe, others can break your server if modified incorrectly
# New settings/defaults won't appear automatically in this file when upgrading.

# Smelting acceleration multiplier [int: multiple] (default: 2)
# An integer greater than 1 is required.
accelerate-multiplier: 2

# SmeltingAccelerator update delay [flot: seconds] (default: 0.25)
# It is recommended to be as high as possible. Lower = more CPU, check more often
update-delay: 0.25


  • ✨ Support config setting by command
  • ✨ Support config per worlds
What's new §
  • Fix all code to suit API 5.0.0

using v1.1.0
06 Apr 24

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    • @PresentKim
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