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An Advanced staff chat plugins for your staff members
version 1.0.1-alpha
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Plugin Description §


Advance private chat plugins for your staff members Allows you to create a staff chat between staff members with permissions and chat prefix If you want to make a video of it, please link back to this repo in your description, you may request your videos to be featured here if it meet reasonable quality

How to install?

To download compiled PHAR, please click the poggit view button above then scroll down selecting the latest by clicking on Direct for latest version, or you can click on latest release "Direct Download" Put this in your Plugins, start the server to generate a config file, you may edit the config to suit your needs, scroll down for more info on configuration files


To chat into staff chat without prefix or commands use "/sc on" this will put all of your message into staff chat for convenience if you wish to have long conversations "/sc off" when you are done


Commands start with /staffchat alias is /sc

Command Info
on/off Switch current chat mode (chats directly into staff chat)


Config Value Info
prefix The chat prefix
console-attach Automatically make console listen to staff chat on start?
staffchat-format The format of the chat
enable-functions Enable quick functions for chat
functions-executor The symbol for the function ex: !
announce-state Announce when a player enter or leaves the chat
join The join message
leave The leave message

There's also references inside config file


You can use function by typing !func in staff chat and will be replaced with appropriate text

Function Name Usage
!pos Replaces it with your x,y,z, world
!focus Replaces !focus with the player you are looking at
!near Replaces it with the players near of you


permission node Info Allow players to read chat Allow players to chat into chat
staffchat.cmd Allow players to use staff chat comand

By default all permission nodes are granted for operators.

What's new §
  • Fix crash when staff exits the server

using v1.0-alpha
11 Jan 22
very good!

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Producers §
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    • @Octopussh
License §
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