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This plugin provides you some tools to help detecting cheaters or hackers in your server
version 2.0.0
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Plugin Description §


This PocketMine-MP plugin provides you some tools to help detect cheaters or hackers in your server.

Before Installing

It is highly recommended to use the Classic Interface by going to Settings > Video in your game.



To have access to the features, you firstly want to type /tools (make sure you've got the permission tools.command set) and you will be given a compass. To open the tools menu, simply left click on a player and a GUI will open.


Feature added with 2.0 update let you freeze someone


This feature is really useful if your staff members are offline. You can set it to false by clicking the book item and whenever the plugin will detect that a user is cheating it will write it down in a file called "playerName.txt" which is in the folder resources/logs. To disable this feature, click the book again or keep it on off.


Shows you the current ping of the player. Refresh it by closing and opening the menu.

CPS Test

There's an addictional feature that you can unlock by installing PreciseCpsCounter from luca28pet: the CPS Test, which runs a test for the selected player that counts how many clicks per second he gets and what is his average.

What's new §
  • New GUI menu Design
  • Config added
  • Alias feature removed due to its uselessness
  • Added Freeze
  • Redesigned the CPS Test GUI
  • Removed some issues with the plugin

using v2.0.0
13 Aug 20
using v1.0.0
10 Jan 20
Amigo osea como clik izquierdo si soy usuario Android men WTF pero de hay en más está bueno el plugin pero explícame eso y te doy al última estrella :v
using v1.0.0
05 Jan 20
using v1.0.0
05 Jan 20
Buona idea

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