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Enable to sit on the stair block
version 1.4.0
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Plugin Description §


Sit on the stair block Supported all stair blocks


You can sit on the stair block

How to use

Install this plugin and run your server. place stair block and tap (or click) it. To cancel, jump or sneak.


Open config.yml in plugin folder.

  • apply-world - World name for applying

    • if you want multiple worlds, separate with comma (e.g. test1, test2)
    • (if set to true, all of worlds will be applied seat feature)
  • allow-seat-high-height - Allow player to sit on seat if its height is higher than player

  • allow-block-under-id - Player can sit on stair if under the block's id is this id.

    • (if set to true, all of blocks are allowed)
    • (Example: if set to 5 (oak wood block), player can sit on stair if under the stair's block is oak wood)
  • send-tip-when-sit - Tap jump to exit the seat

    • Replacement:
    • @b - Block, its name, where player try to seat Example: You sit on @b Block!
  • tryto-sit-already-inuse - Send message when trying to seat on stair which is already used

    • Replacement:
      • @b - Block, its name, where player try to seat
      • @p - Sitting player's name Example: You are trying to seat @b but it is used by @p
What's new §
  • Supported for PocketMine 3.9.0
  • Check whether stair is upside down, some apply settings are now
    • From now on, you can’t sit on upside-down stair.
    • Add checking block, world settings
  • Some internal change
  • Unset bug fixed
  • flag set 'riding'
  • Applying bug fixed
  • Supported changing texts and more
    • Supported changing message in configuration
    • Not allow to seat if it already in use
  • Fixed un-sit problem and more
    • Changed sneak to interact stair block to sit.
    • Fixed a issue that player can't move after stand up
  • Supported all stairs

using v1.5.2
29 Jun 20
Very good plugin
using v1.4.0
06 Jun 20
Does not work with 3.13.0. Very useful plugin otherwise.
using v1.4.0
14 Jul 19
Hmm I’m going to sit on this wooden chair, ow, Dang it I forgot about splinters
using v1.3.0
30 May 19
using v1.3.0
09 May 19
Works great, but you have to sit on stairs to destroy them. maybe you should be unable to sit on stairs when holding a tool?
using v1.3.0
07 Feb 19
I really like it!
12 Feb 19
thank you for comment. i'm really glad to hear that :)
using v1.2.3
30 Jan 19
31 Jan 19
thank you for 5 stars. if you have any requests, please send it on github!
using v1.1.0
17 Dec 18
Good idea, and it works great! But the it doesn't look much realist
19 Dec 18
thank you for review sorry but i ask you that is it mean realistic?
using v1.0.0
16 Dec 18
It works but u have to sneak on a stair but i buggs pls fix it but i don't need the plugin
16 Dec 18
Thank you for review. to sit, you need to sneak its not bug but if there are bugs, please tell me
using v1.0.0
15 Dec 18
good idea but, Not available
16 Dec 18
thank you for review. how mean not available?

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