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Improve your skills with stamina!
version 1.0
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Plugin Description §

With StaminaSystem you can implement stamina in many common areas in minecraft such as PVP and racing! This plugin, thanks to the incredible customization will always reflect your needs and will be easily adaptable to any context!


The plugin offers various mechanics focused on stamina, this is a complete list:

Name Activable\Deactivable Default
Regeneration by walking true true
Regeneration by item true false
Regeneration by food true true
Hit enhancer true true
Stamina-shield true true
Stamina shift-knockback true false


Here explained in a table all the configurable values.
In the case of object is used the PHP notation so parent->child

Name Type Default Nullable Outdated Description
enabled bool true ✔️ Whether the plugin is enabled
waiting-moves-before-regenerate int 5 How much movements must a player do before the stamina restart regenerating?
max-stamina int 100 The max amout of stamina
stamina-per-move float/int 0.5 How much stamina should be removed for every move (only when sprinting)?
bed-restore-stamina bool false Should bed restore stamina?
bed-restore-stamina-level int 10 Should bed restore stamina? If yes, how much?
do-food-regen bool true Do food regen stamina?
level-for-negative-effects int 10 If stamina is <= to this level will have some negatives effect like slowness and other
stamina-hit-cost int/float 1 ✔️ ✔️ OUTDATED, NOW IN hit ELEMENT!
stamina-run-cost int/float 0.1 ✔️ ✔️ OUTDATED, NOW IN sprint ELEMENT!
stamina-block-break-cost int/float 0.5 ✔️ ✔️ OUTDATED, ABANDONED FEATURE
run-regenerate-stamina bool false If true, running wont' consume stamina
stamina-powerup object Object ✔️ All items in this object will be increase the max stamina level
stamina-powerup->iron_sword int 10 The iron_sword item will increase the max stamina level by 10
stamina-food-regen object Object ✔️ All foods in this object when eaten will be regenerate stamina
stamina-food-regen->default int 2 If the food is not in the list this value will be used
stamina-food-regen->apple int 4 ✔️ If an apple is eat 4 stamina points will be rigenerated!
item-regeneration object Object ✔️ All items in this list will rigenerate stamina by having it in the hand / inventory
item-regeneration->iron_axe object Object All regeneration settings for the item iron_axe
item-regeneration->iron_axe->should-be-holded bool false The item will regenerate only if holded
item-regeneration->iron_axe->amount int/float N/D How much?
speed perkObject perkObject The perk object for speed powerup
hit perkObject perkObject The perk object for speed powerup
shield perkObject perkObject The perk object for speed powerup
shift-knockback perkObject perkObject The perk object for speed powerup
rounding-stamina bool true Should stamina be rounded when displayed to a player?
rounding-level int 0 How much?
show-stamina-level bool true Should the stamina level indicator (as Tip) be displayed to player?
stamina-level-text string Stamina: %stamina%/%totalstamina% Set the stamina display text. Placeholders: %stamina% -> current stamina level %totalstamina% -> max stamina for player
stamina-refresh-rate int 2 In tick, every when tick(s) should the player stamina tip be refreshed (so updated)?


Name Type Default
enabled bool true
cost int/float N/D
perk ?int/float N/D

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