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A minigame which provides a way to play TicTacToe with item frames.
version 0.1.5
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Plugin Description §


A PocketMine game plugin which provides a way to play TicTacToe with the help of item frames.


Anyone with the permission TicTacToe.createArenas can create an Arena with the "tictactoe arenacreate" command. It will ask you to tap the lower left and then the upper right corner of the Game Board. (Make sure to click ON the itemframes, not the block behind the itemframes!) The Game Board currently only supports the classic 3x3 size.

Now create a sign where the first line is [TTT] (you can create multiple signs and the content of the remaining 3 lines can be anything). Every player clicking on it will get put into the queue (2 players are required for one game).


This plugin does provide quite useful API, which is mostly home in GameManager and PlayerManager.

You can easily add and remove players from the queue, but you can also create custom games with specific Arenas, add Arenas for use by the queue and much more!

Please always check if you have the right API version before doing anything with TTT's API functions.


/** @var robske_110\TTT\TicTacToe $ticTacToe */
	$this->getLogger()->critical("Your version of TicTacToe is not compatible with this plugin");

Note: This plugin was initially written in 1.5hours (as a small challenge for myself), but since then it has evolved into a useful and working plugin.

I'm too lazy to write a proper API documentation for such a small plugin. There are a lot of phpdocs which will help you :) [And function names also give hints!]

What's new §
  • Update for API 3.0.0 (also working with 3.1.x)
  • randomize free Arenas for use
  • fix permissions missing a default value
  • Fix level saving&loading (now auto loading levels, and using FolderName)
  • Handle suddenly/unexpectedly unloaded levels better.
  • Fixed issue #4
  • Fix a typo, which caused a crash while trying to create an Arena
  • Fix Issue #2 (another crash while trying to create an Arena)
  • Fix console being able to execute the arenacreate command
  • Some code cleanup

using v0.1.5
09 Jul 20
Simple, easy, and fun!

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