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Allows the user to set commands to a timer for the server to run.
version 1.0.2
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Plugin Description §


Find the file

First of all, Stop your server.
Go in your plugins directory. Open TimeCommander directory.
Open commands.yml. Then edit the file.

Edit the file

When you open up the file, you should see:

# TimeCommander
# Command: Command to execute
# Time: Amount of time in ticks until command is executed

  - Command: say 1
    Time: 100
  - Command: say 2
    Time: 200
  - Command: say 3
    Time: 300

All you need to do is:

  • replace say 1 with a command of your choice.
  • replace 100 with the time of your choice. The time works in ticks.
    1 tick = 50 milliseconds, 20 ticks = 1 Second ... Quick Maths!


Start up the server... and Enjoy.


Q: Deibo, did you steal LDX's plugin?
A: No. This is my own rewrite, and written from scratch.

Q: Deibo, Where can I edit the commands?
A: Incase you are more blind than me, it is in the Usage tab.

Q: Why is the time different to the other TimeCommander?
A: I felt like having it show up as minutes felt too restrictive. The user can choose exactly how long they want.

Q: How many ticks are in a second?
A: 20 ticks are in a second. :D.

Q: how many seconds is one tick?
A: 50 Miliseconds

What's new §
  • Update for API 3.0.2
  • Update plugin.yml

using v1.0.2
01 Jul 20
Great and simple to use
using v1.0.2
18 Apr 19
Helpfull plugin just update it to api 3.7.0 or make it usuable for 3.0.0+ api's
using v1.0.2
23 Nov 18

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