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Adds tokens support
version 1.0.0-BETA
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Plugin Description §

Tokens system for Pocketmine-MP


Always wanted to add a token system to your Pocketmine-MP server? Look no more, with this plugin you can now give players token balances! Players can pay eachother and much more!

This plugin is still under development so the plugin may seem unfinished! 🔨🧱🔧🚧🪛

Easy to use API for developers ❤️


Command Description Permission Default
/addtoken <player> <amount> Allows the op-player to add tokens from another player token balance. tokensapi.cmd.addtoken op
/settoken <player> <amount> Allows the op-player to set another from anothet player token balance. tokensapi.cmd.settoken op
/removetoken <player> <amount> Allows the op-player to remove tokens another player token balance. tokensapi.cmd.removetoken op
/paytoken <player> <amount> Allows the player to pay tokens to another player token balance. tokensapi.cmd.paytoken true
/seetoken <player> Allows the player to see another players token balance. tokensapi.cmd.seetoken true
/mytoken Allows the player to see their token balance. tokensapi.cmd.mytoken true
/toptoken Allows the player to see the top token balances on the server. tokensapi.cmd.toptoken true


# Made by Terpz710 :p

# Starting amount
starting_token_amount: 100

Open a pull request

Make sure to make a fork before creating a pull request.

Note I dont accept any pull request!

I wont accept request IF the following change isnt major.

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I appreciate your help and support to make sure this project is bug/error free!

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  • Configurable messages

  • MySQL and MySQL Lite

    Got any ideas? DM me via discord Ace873056

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  • Collaborators:
    • @Terpz710
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